MUSTANG Season....!

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by 65stanger, Jun 24, 2004.

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  2. Hey Hop I'm movin into mooresville. Got an apartment already about 3-4 miles from NTI. That's my reason for moving down. Just a month till then. I probably wont be tangling much w/ anyone there. My '66 coupe will probably be sold shortly and its slow driver down there may have an impressive 500ft lbs of torque...but its a halfton ford...should shut some ricers down though, heh. Maybe I can check out the infamous genuine Shelby Eleanor sometime.
  3. Wabbuck Season!
  4. Dubbit Season!
  5. Now aint this a funny re-hijacking!
  6. Ya....who'd a thunk it that I'd have to re-hijack my own thread back to it's original hijacking?:crazy:


    Duck Season! :D
  7. Lord know's I've had to re-hijack mine countless times!

    and btw..........



    are we in the correct forum? (LOL)
  8. Ya, but you were re-hijacking back to the original topic!:nono:


    Duck Season!


    As long as gp001 and the sheeple police don't object, what does it matter?:shrug:

    Just in case, I have the Wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-mbulance parked right outside!
  9. with a Waaaaaailing Waaaaaabbitt siren!
  10. And a ducky diesel engine!:D
  11. More than welcome to Windsor. Let me know when you get down and settled. Youll love Mooresville. All the Nascar, Lake Norman, its kind of a "beachy resort " type atmosphere. Birkdale village is nearby, so is Concord Mills ,etc etc etc.
    And you Wabbit hunters quit hijackin this thread !!!!!!!!
  12. Hah!

    This thread was started by Wabbit & Duck hunters!

    (actually, it was started by some Mustang sightings in the Island of Long!)
  13. Duck Season! :p
  14. Hey Hop,

    I've been down there a few times for work and SAAC conventions. My company has equipment in the Amstar Theater in Moorseville, and the Palace 12 near Lake Norman. The two times I've been there, I spent alot of time in the race shops.
  15. Ugh, now I'm hijacking my own re-re-re-re-re-re hiJack!

    Wabbit Season!
  16. Stoopit idjit wabbit dwagon!:nonono:
  17. Better than being a sputterin' duck with delusions of grandure!

    Wabbit Season!
  18. beep!beep!

    duck season!
  19. COOL !! You gonna make it back down this way any time soon ?
  20. I'll hit you up when I get settled in down there. I still cant say what i'll get to drive...the more I think about it....the more I can't bear the thought of saying goodbye to my '66 coupe. Me and that car have been through soooo much crap it aint even funny. But my truck wants 37 swampers. I'll be funding that through selling a '67 G.T.350 engine and i'm thinkin about maybe sinkin 1800 in my '66 in the form of some real actual honest to goodness new rims/tires and building up the engine some(needs it...lifters tickin, POS motorcraft 2 bbl, no choke, exhaust leaks)...bald backtires, etc. Maybe I'll do that..and just keep my truck on that this thread has been yet again hijacked....maybe we need to just start a Hijack-this-thread thread? :shrug:
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