Mustang SVE 5 Lug Disc brake Conversion

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    You have been asking for it. Some of the initial brake test on Lee’s car and the teaser photos were leaked on Facebook. The final testing was completed on the track at Texas World Speedway during the Lone Star Roundup. Now we have everything needed to release the install and feedback information! If you have not been following this project on Facebook, Lee has been on a mission to build the ultimate daily driven road race Fox Mustang. Lee Started with Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs, UPR control arms and Tokico shocks and struts in his initial build. Lee knew that to achieve “ultimate” with a Fox Mustang, he could not leave the 4 lug stock brakes on the car.

    Luckily Lee is one of our star Sales Representatives at and knew about our then “soon to be released” Mustang 5 lug conversion kits. 5 lug, four wheel disc – how could he go wrong? He chose the 1987-92 28-spline Mustang SVE 5 Lug Conversion Kit. These kits feature 13” Cobra Style front rotors, refurbished SN-95 spindles, 11.65” rear rotors, new axles and many other parts. For full details check out the product description in the link above. The installation will require one good weekend, a good set of tools and preferably a lift for the Mustang (not required but you will need jack stands and jacks without it).

    This blog will be broken down into a couple of parts. Part 1 will cover the front SN-95 5 lug Cobra Style brake conversion. Part 2 will cover the rear 5 lug Cobra Style disc brake conversion. Part 3 will feature the brake booster and brake proportioning valve installation. Part 4 will tell how the car handled the Texas World Speedway in Lee’s own words. I know we have kept you guys waiting long enough (only to test and get drive time)… let’s get this started.

    But (there is always a but) before we do, a short info-minder. This swap does require basic mechanical knowledge. If you’ve never performed brake work before, but feel that you can with a little direction, couple this bog with one of our Haynes Service Manuals & you’ll be golden. We recommend picking up the 1979-93 version & the 1994-04 version so you have all the proper torque specs for going back together. If you have any reservation at all, please consult with a professional shop to perform the installation.

    Step 1:
    The install started with getting Lee’s car into the shop and on the lift. We pulled the wheels off the car and got right into tearing down his front 4 lug brakes. We removed the calipers by loosening the caliper bolts (pic 1 red circles below). Next we removed the grease cap on the front of the rotor (pic 1 in yellow circle). Once the grease cap was out of the way, we removed the cotter pin, nut retainer, nut, and rotor. With the caliper and rotor free, we had easy access to the spindles and suspension (pic 2). We then loosened the tie rod nut and removed the steering tie rod. Use of a large hammer, our a “pickle fork” will be required (pic 3).
    Pic 1: Caliper & Rotor Removal
    Pic 2: Caliper & Rotor Removed
    Pic 3: Tie Rod End Removal
    Step 2:
    The next step involves removing the front struts and spindles. NOTE: your front suspension is under load due to compression of the spring. Be sure to support the control arm with a jack or use spring compressors for your safety.To disconnect the strut from the spindle, we needed to remove the two retaining bolts & nuts(pic 4). The spindle pulled away from the strut (pic 5). Once the spindle was removed, we changed out the ball joint with a 1994-2004 ball joint . Using a ball joint removal/installation tool, we removed the stock ball joint & installed the new MOOG SN95 ball joints (pic 7).
    Pic 4: Strut Removal
    Pic 5: Spindle Removal
    Pic 6: Ball Joint Installation
    Step 3:
    With the spindles removed and the new ball joint in place, we reversed the previous steps and reinstalled the new refurbished SN-95 spindles (pic 8). Once the spindles were in place, we reinstalled the struts bolts and placed the new 13” Powerslot rotors on the new hub assembly (pic 9). Next, we disconnected the stock caliper & brake hose. You remove the brake hoses by loosening the line nut at the body hard line (use line wrenches for this to prevent rounding off the nut) & then removing the retaining clip. With these removed, you can now install the new stainless steel brake lines. In our complete 5-lug conversion kits, we supply a Fox Front Brake Line Adapter to mate the SN95 braided stainless hoses to the Fox hard brake line on the passenger side. Next, use the new hardware to install the SVE brake calipers and brake pads (pic 10).
    Pic 8: Spindle Installed
    Pic 9: Rotor Install
    Pic 10: Rotor & Brake Line Installed
    Step 4:
    With the calipers installed you can now reattach steering tie rod ends (this is a good time to replace them). You’ll notice that you’ll have to adjust them out several turns to get them to properly engage the spindles. Because of this, you will need to have your front end alignment fixed as it will be off. The reason for the adjustment has to do with the wider track width provided by the 1996-04 front spindles. You may also want to replace the sway bar end links at this time as well. Recheck all bolts and nuts that were installed & verify that they are torqued to specification. Bleed the brakes and you now have installed the SVE 13”brake kit on the front of your Fox body Mustang. Note: Some Mustangs may require front fender/fenderwell modifications depending on tire size and ride height, especially 1987-90 because of the smaller wheel opening. 1991-92 Mustang has a larger fender opening, but still may require modification. Modifications typically consist of trimming the fender & lower front spat for tire clearance, &/or trimming the wheel well liner. We rolled the fender on Lee’s car for some extra clearance. You will also need to have your front end alignment checked because it will be off.
    Pic 11: Wheel Installed

    There you have it! The front SVE SN95 Cobra Style Front Brake Conversion can be used on your Fox Mustang in conjunction with our 5-lug Rear Drum Swap, or as part of the Complete 4 Wheel Disc Setup we used on Lee’s car.

    Stay tuned for Part 2 of Lee’s Brake Install. This will cover rear 5 lug disc conversion. Until then you can check out these pictures of Lee’s brake conversion.