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  1. im wanting a 3rd tattoo, so i outlined this just need to ad details to it, you think it looks good so far?

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  2. You have to be kidding, right?:doh:
  5. i just consider myself a real car guy, one who would give an arm for:D

    BTW i appreciate and respect, all that your brother and men like him. have done and will continue to do, for are grate country:flag:
  6. LOL! .......just LOL

    Coming from a guy who has a LOT of tatoos, you are what we consider a noob who just wants to get inked.

    Seriously, thats retarded as hell (no offense). For the Love of God, take the time to develop something much more elaborate/better. You'll be baried with this that thing on your arm! I know you have more taste than that.
  7. I say get the one you showed and then put your mod list underneath. Sweeeeet.:eek:
  8. You'll regret that and end up covering it up with something else. Coming from someone with sleeves: that's not what you really want, trust me. That's going to be on your body FOREVER. Put some thought into it beyond tracing a picture of the running pony emblem.
  9. that would make a good tramp stamp
  11. Hey man to each his own. Some people hate the ideas of tattoo's and some people cant get enough of them. A mustang tattoo would be cool, BUT make it personal to you. Customize it for yourself, make it unique. Just a pony runnin is pretty original.Thats the way I think of tattoo's (I have 1) if its going to be on YOUR body make sure YOU like it. good luck man.
  12. My Grandpa and Dad are both mechanics. I was brought up a Ford man and always will be. In high school, I thought it would be cool to get a Ford oval done in black. Damn am I glad I did not do that. Now I do have tats and I love them but just taking a simple design and slapping it on your skin might turn out to be something you regret down the line. I suggest looking at lots of tattoo designs and try to think of some unique way to present it. Maybe get it done at an angle from the back, around the side and toward the abs. Find a reputable shop and artist. Ask the guy how long he's been working, what are his favorite styles or things to tattoo. If he say's he does it all or likes it all, say thank you and good bye. Once you find the right guy, sit down with him and discuss what you want and ask him to help you find a way to make the horse unique, a design you can call your own but still resembles the "mustang" design. Most artists will take a $50-$100 deposit to draw up a design but this goes toward your tattoo if you decide to have them do it. Tell them to take their time with it and you'll stop back in a week or so to see how it's going. Better to let them have some time to think about it and design something cool. Most guys will run right into the back, trace or draw something up quick and come back out and say "Looks good right? Let's get going on this."
    Whatever you do, remember that this will be on you for the rest of your life. Take your time, find the right artist, find the right design and be ready to pay good money for it. Do it right, don't cheap out.
    As an example, I wanted an Eagle on my chest for patriotic/family/I think it's cool reasons. I went to 3 shops and they all wanted to do a picture or a straight up eagle. I didn't really know how to explain exactly what I wanted so I had them all draw something up. I'm glad I spent the money to have them draw it because I finally found the right one on the 4th artist I tried. It's money well spent, deposits lost and on the tattoo itself. :)
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  13. deftsound, let's see the white pony. I keep thinking I want the skull and roses from Minerva. Something about that album cover. Every time I look at it I think it looks bad a**.
  14. that eagle is sick, that would look crazy on the back too. mean as hell
  15. +1
  16. got this for my 16th birthday, and couldnt be happier with it. If you like Mustangs and you know that you will have a stang in your posession forever and that your love for them will never change, do it. Dont listen to the haters man lol, I am proud to have mine. :D

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  17. na i dont have any pics, its just the white pony with an anchor around it because i work offshore
  18. Dude If you like it go for it , you only live once so do what makes you happy and dont let other people make up your mind , I have more then a few tats and not once did I ask anybody what they think because most dont get it !

    :nice: go for it !
  19. To each his own but I wouldn't do it. But there are alot of people who get tribal tatoos and Chinese characters but don't even know how to say "Hello" in Chinese and I think that's even worse.