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  1. i guess me and my bro will have to post our mustang tattoos now
  2. My wife got a Mustang tramp stamp a few years back. It looks awesome, he did a good job and did some shading in it and everything.

    5 years and she doesn't regret it yet, in fact she wants more. She says she wants the 5 speed shift pattern mirrored backwards in the palm of here right hand, like it was burned there. I think it would be cool, but have been trying to talk her out of that one because she can't hide it.
  3. I think it'd look badass if you added in the shading so it looked more like the actual running horse.

    Thought I'd share my car related tat...I have yet to get a mustang one though.:mad:

  4. like i said it's work in progress, i know im going to have it for the rest of my life.
    that's why im getting something i like, tattoos are suppose to represent special things in your life. when i look back in time. at all the coming of age stages in my life. as a teen i, remember my first kiss my first time driving solo. all those things you never forget about
    all happened in a mustang, also i think about all the hard work blood sweat and tears
    i put in my car. i think about all the good times my friends and i. have had working on it
    that's why i call it special in my life.

    to me my car represents my manhood, that's just how i see it.
    to those who see it as just something to get them, from point A to point B. will never understand the emotion and passion, i feel that's all i have to say :leaving:
  5. I'm sure everyone feels their car means more to them than A to B. I'm sure we all here remember our first kiss. Point is we all still don't get Mustang tats.
  6. If you want it, go for it. But PLEASE make it stand out from the run-of-the-mill Mustang tattoo.

    I have have two friends; one got a Chevrolet bow tie/logo, and the other a Mustang tattoo with the pony shaded the colors of the American flag. Both look great, both are die-hard GM/Ford nuts. So to them, it's well worth it. The work itself on both is great.

    Personally I wouldn't get a tattoo that associates me with any brand, person (aside from immediate family/best friends, only under certain circumstances), item... etc. However, that's just me and my opinion.
  7. i wouldnt get a car specific tattoo. i couldnt make up my mind for a long time, but i finally decided on getting a rod and piston on my other arm. i have some ugly tribal stuff on my right arm (stupid and 18!!)

    one day i plan on getting the rod/piston and then getting my wifes name on my ring finger. i never wear my wedding ring so i figured it's the next best thing.
  8. I know a guy with a rod and piston tattoo as well, it's pretty sweet.

    I still want a Phoenix... I found a picture of one and shaded it in with the coloration I want. I think it's bad ass, but I'm waiting just a little while to get it.
  9. I don't like tattoos but I think it's bogus for anyone to tell someone else in any way shape or form what to get or criticize someone else's choice for a tattoo. You have no idea if he'll regret it or not. To get a tattoo based on what someone else thinks is BS. If you want a tattoo, tell everyone to kiss your ass, get whatever the frack you want and and enjoy your new ink, cause it ain't goin' nowhere, no time soon.;)
  10. lmfao. ahhh.
  11. Wow, thats a little over the top!
  12. I say do it! Make us proud!
  13. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::rlaugh:
  14. WOW, that's one sick looking horse:nice:
  15. i wanna get a tattoo of Gorge W.

    im not kiddin either
  16. You might want to figure out how to spell his name, first. :nonono:
  17. i know how to spell it, typing too fast.
  18. Sorry, it was hard to tell by looking at your signature.