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  1. i wanna get a tattoo of G"E"orge W. + Cheney

    im not kiddin either

    but to the OP, go for it man, it's your god given body do as you wish.
  2. I know a guy with a Chevy emblem and another with a Harley tattoo. I think its hilarious! All these loyal minions running round with their brand name tattoos, and the corporations they are advertising on their body couldn't get a rats ass about them. I dont get it!:shrug::shrug:
  3. I have an outline Mustang logo. I actually like it very much.

    This one below. I want more tattoos, but finding an artist I trust and having the time and disposable funds are never easy to bring together at once. Its what happens when you get married and have a family.

    Don't be hater just because of what people like.

    BTW, I have a long history with Mustangs, came home from the hospital in the one in my sig. So, it was a given to have a Mustang releated tattoo. I also happen to love horses in general.

  4. I have 4 nickname, both my daughters names, and a Chinese symbol for destiny (It was 1997 and they were cool then).

    I made it through 6 years in the Navy without a single anchor or naked girl :)
  5. :rlaugh::lol::rlaugh:Mustang Tat!:lol::rolleyes::lol::lol:
  6. I know someone with the running pony as a tramp stamp...

    ... it's a guy...:nono:

    edit: I'm not being a smartass, that's a true story haha
  7. I made it 10 years in the Navy with no ink. Their was a bunch of guys in my division who all got their first tattoo's at the same time, but this was 25 years ago when tattoo artists were still starving.
  8. What I think is funny is people making such a big deal about a tattoo like the whole idea isn't just trivial. So what if you are gonna be buried with a tattoo? So what if it's permanent? People get all kinds of stupid crap put on them. Huge garish birds and lizards and crap that's supposed to be cool but just looks like they're trying to prop up a low self-esteem. They can say all they want that they thought long and hard before getting it done, they could just as well have done it on the spur of the moment. And it seems like the more you have, the more inane they get.

    In my experience, the "deep thoughts" of a person that thinks it would be cool to cover their entire arm in ink aren't very deep.

    I'd say one shouldn't take their car as a representation of their "manhood," that's a bit too commercial for me. But I'm not going to pretend my tattoo is some deep meaningful piece of art. I like it. I didn't get it for you :) And by the same token my opinions on other people's tattoos are interesting only to me. I'm not going to tell a guy I think his tattoo is stupid. But if he asks about the design beforehand, I might express my opinion.

    I think the OP's pony is fine. But I personally would look for a more detailed version. And definitely ask the artist to draw it out for me before I decide to get it inked on.
  9. :stupid:
  10. Here's my wife's tatoo that I mentioned earlier.

  11. :doh:
  12. Would that be considered a "horse's ass"?:eek:;)
  13. IDK
  14. i love it when chicks have, tramp stamp / cum catcher, i think it's vary sexy. ;)
  15. :nice: Looks good
  16. Come on, man. That's the guys wife. That's not cool in my book. :notnice:
  17. this
  18. The barbie scooter in the background of the first pic really sets the badass tone...IMO.;) Seriously though, the tats look bad.:cool:
  19. that's what tattoos, on the lower back are called, my sister calls her tattoo,
    a "TRAMP STAMP" wasn't trying to disrespect his wife, just calling it' what it is,