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  1. LOL whats the big deal? Its not like he's calling the guys wife a tramp or a "cum catcher".
  2. LOL ohhh snap:rlaugh:
  3. :D:D:D
  4. I'll probably get a car related tat at some point, but it needs to have a special meaning first and I want it to be unique to me.

    My tats:
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    I'm thinking about getting USAF done on the inside of my lip very soon. I'll be going off to basic soon and that will be my secret motivation haha bite my lip and go.
  5. x2 ive been drawing mine up for a while now and when i can aford it and the time is right im getting started on it. it will include my car which is my first mustang and my dads mustang and my dream car eleanor with diamond plate in the background and at the top have crossed pistons and in between the ford oval. but ive been planing and working on this for several years and means alot to me
  6. I like that. Hot.
  7. Tattoo

    MY Mustang :)

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  8. I would never get a tattoo and I pray to God that my kids don't either.
  9. +1
  10. That's one way to rep the brand but I think I'll stick to a t shirt.
  11. this car will probably go on me someday.. NOT soon though.. but someday. this one and also a chopped 40 ford will prob. be inked.. both are extremely special to my grandfather, father, and i.


    i'd prob. get both from the front views in black/white/grey.

    so i'm all for car tat's.. if it's what you want it's what you want. go for the mustang if you want it.. just make it cool! a few posts up the one that looks chrome is great and the one a few pages back that has the horses rib's exposed it awesome too