Expired mustang trans,speedcal, misc parts

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by paintballpyro1, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. I have been swapping motors and transmission on my 96 and have some parts left over. All parts are off a 1996 mustang

    all items located in waterford,mi.

    I have 96 gt 4r70w auto trans and converter---does have a small leak and wasnt selecting gears correctly but i believe its due to a rotted gear select cable, sold as is, great for rebuilding(was rebuilt 30k ago) or a core. Asking $250 firm

    Other parts:
    96-04(?) Speedcal for auto---SOLD
    96 mustang gt ecu for auto 4.6l 2v motor, code on it is jzp3---:::::SOLD::::
    auto driveshaft-----$50+shipping
    auto shift handle-$40shipped(http://www.uprproducts.com/mustang-billet-automatic-reaper-pistol-grip-shift-knob-black.html)
    pedal assembly(brake pedal only)--::::SOLD::::
    stock auto flywheel(x2)----$40shipped
    engine to trans block plate(x2)-----$20 or $10 for the slightly bent one
    04 grand marquis thermostat housing-----$10shipped
    04 grand marquis harmonic balancer(59k miles)-----$30shipped
    04 grand marquis/mustang throttle body----$4-shipped
    04 grand marquis/mustang intake plenum-----$40shipped
    Coil on plugs(only have 6 or 7) had 59k on them-----:::::SOLD:::

  2. Please post pics of items for sale per forum guidelines. You have quite a bit of stuff listed there so I'll understand if you can't get them all posted at once.
    Please also list items location (city/state).

  3. Sorry bout that, dont spend alot of time on this fourm. Will get corrected tho.
  4. No worries. I went in and posted your URLs as images for ease.
  5. Again Thanks, when i uploaded on image shack didnt give me the option to embed on forum for some reason.
  6. still have everything
  7. Sent you a message
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