Drivetrain mustang transmission rebuild

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by ked263, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Hi again,

    I wanted to ask if someone here tried to rebuild the gear of there AUTOMATIC Mustangs 2003

    last year I had a problem with the shifting and according to my mechanic my clutches where a little "wear out" and since back then I was too short in my cash he offered to "push" them together... as he said, and said it must work for maybe 6 month to a year maybe 2 years max.

    and it was working fine , untill few weeks " at least I think "

    watch this video to see what I mean.

    I have just uploaded the video , it must be live in few mnts.

    anyway. if you took alook on the video, you might have noticed two things.

    1-the first 2-3 seconds of acceleration , it's a little slow , or LAGGY as I call it,then the car will kick down good...
    2- because my friend asked for that lame song, you can't hear the sound while shifting but it's like a squeck sound " I don't think it's the tire spinning.
    3- the end of the 2nd gear before shifting to 3rd is a little slow...

    or maybe all that is just my imagination

    now for the main point, if I want to rebuld my tranny. and reccomanded set ?

    I found this one here.
    and few on ebay .

    I always was thinking of upgrading the tranny as I am thinking of getting a supercharger for my car. " or do I NOT need this kind of support for the tranny ?"

    thank you so much .