mustang tuning wheels

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  1. im about to purchase the polished 03/04 cobra 17x9" wheels from i want to make sure they are not crappy. hows the quality??? please give me your thoughts.. thanks
  2. I don't have any, but I've heard good things 'bout their wheels...I've been looking at the new hypercoated FR500 replicas....18" deep dish
  3. I bought my saleens from them and they came and looked mint:D ...I was very pleased with them and have had them for almost a year and they still look good

    You can also get the 5% discount by being a stangnet member.

  4. I would check EBay for some wheels. I bought a set of 17x9 & 17x10.5 Black '03 Cobras for about $450 after shipping. :nice:
  5. i put the grey deep dish bullets on my 03 cobra and i loved them until some po-dunk mf****tried to put my 315's on and screwed them up....
  6. mustangtuning has great wheels. they can be trusted, and free shipping.

    as far as polished could not tell you..