Expired Mustang Venom 850

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  1. Unfortunately the time has come to sell my baby. But only because a new real life baby will be arriving in around 9 months!

    What I have is a fully custom built mustang that was built by Blow By Racing out of Boca Raton, FL. BBR was contracted by Ford to give Dickson the horsepower he wanted. You may have seen it on the cover and in the article of Muscle Mustangs Magazine! Here is the link if you did not.


    Anyway, the story I was told is Nick Dickson (The previous owner) decided to go all foreign and traded this beast in for a Lambo. I jumped at the opportunity to own it. Not going to announce how much I paid for it but just to give you an idea the car was a six figure build. I bought it with 1600 miles on it and it has just over 2000 now. The car was my pleasure car and was ALWAYS garage kept. It is absolutely flawless on the outside and has every bell and whistle you can think of. You name it, it has it. Literally...not to mention the car is pushing 900 horsepower which is ridiculous! Never took it to the track but I'm sure this beast runs 10 second quarter miles like it's its job. It is an absolute BLAST to drive and its quite fun toying with all the GT 500s. Then seeing the confused look on their faces when they get stomped into the concrete. I bought the car without the front venom seats that came in it but BBR said they have them available if you want them. The venom seats were replaced with GT 500 black leather seats. I am asking 53,000. Serious inquiries only please. Email me and if I will then answer any further questions and/or give you my cell if you would like to talk about the car.

    [email protected]

    Below is a full list of the performance mods

    · 302 ci 3 valve stroker
    · Manley Rods
    · CP Pistons
    · Kellog Crankshaft
    · 9:3:1 Compression
    · BBR Stage 2 CNC-ported Three-Valve heads
    · BBR Stage 2 camshafts
    · 2.8 KB Supercharger
    · Snow Performance Methanol Injection
    · 1 7/8” American Racing Headers
    · X-mid pipe
    · Magnaflow Axle-Back exhaust
    · BBR Stage 3 Heads
    · Ferrera Valves and Springs
    · BBR Stage 2 Cams
    · BBR Lockouts
    · Dual Meth Plate
    · SCT BA5000
    · Fore Triple Hat Return Fuel System
    · 80 LB Injectors
    · Shelby Breaks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.