Mustang vs. Civic

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  1. I wasn't talking about those new egg looking pieces of crap. I was in reference to the 2000 model year Si.
  2. how did the mustang get to be a boat? a 70's lincoln is a boat.
    v6 mustang in 11's, 1 that i know of, 4600 total investment, stock internals, with 12 psi i believe.
    how much $$ and psi to get a civc there?
  3. He drives an Integra. He probably thinks Corvettes are boats too.

    I wouldn't mind a Civic for a winter beater, that is, if i really needed a winter beater, but no way would I choose one over a Mustang.
  4. I primarily like any domestic vehicle due to the nostalgia for american made muscle. The parts may be made in china, but mustangs and corvettes and all those great muscle cars are still put together in the good old U.S. Of A. I'll take a mustang over a civic any day. Hell, you couldn't give me a civic, i'd sell the piece of **** to either use towards a faster Mustang or mod the one I have. If I hear one more person start talking about how nice their "body kit" is, I'm gonna kick them in the ****ing nuts! Anyway, enough venting, Mustangs are better on both performance and looks, and will be kept alive by us and all the fellow mustang owners out there. I'm 18 now, and am already going to start a collection. I've got a 97 v6 now that I'm going to use as a daily driver, buy a 94 GT to mod for weekend use, then a Cobra when I'm out of college, and I don't plan on selling any of them before too long. I want a big collection of mustangs with serious attitude.
  5. OK, misunderstood that. Well, that still doesn't change much. It's marginally faster. Pretty much a driver's race with a 5-speed 99+, but everything else is the same except instead of looking like a shoe, it looks like every other econobox civic in the world. Hardly anyone could tell the difference.
  6. Rice boys are the cocky ones and arrogant and INSECURE. They run around with a chip on their shoulders and feel the need to prove themselves at every corner. Mustangs have a legendary and rich history, Honda Civics do not. It's that feel of inadequacy that inflicts children in Ricemobiles causing them to perceive things that aren't true, ie their cars are fast, Mustangs suck...etc, etc.
  7. Rice boys are the cocky ones and arrogant and INSECURE. They run around with a chip on their shoulders and feel the need to prove themselves at every corner. Mustangs have a legendary and rich history, Honda Civics do not. It's that feel of inadequacy that inflicts children in Ricemobiles causing them to perceive things that aren't true, ie their cars are fast, Mustangs suck...etc, etc.

    Oh, and i would never chose a CIVIC over a MUSTANG.
  8. Deep, very good explanation. I give you a :nice:

  9. I'll admit... I probably can be a cockly little prick when some dude in a civic is trying to race me, because I can be. I have seen a back end of a civic that was racing me... once... I decided 80 in a 40 at 11:00 pm on a friday night was fast enough... sure enough, less than a quarter of a mile down the road, nice Mr. Piggy pulls over dumb racer kid. The only guy I know in a civic i give any respect to is my friend who knows his car sucks, but it wasn't his choice and there's nothing to do with it. He almost cried the first time he heard the enginge rev.

    So as to which I would choose... I would definitely have to say a mustang... no matter what.
  10. Hes right its hard to tell the difference between a SI and any other civic plus every import guy grabs that little SI sticker and sticks it on the back of there car. If I didnt know better I would think 75% of the civics that are sold are SI's. I thought the real SI's were mainly sold in that purple color. (I could easily be wrong about this). Are some mustang guys cocky yeah i guess. But I live in cali land of the ricers and I run into even more "ricers" that are cocky for no reason. I run into alot of people who catch me at a light and actually think they can smoke me in there civic with coffe can exhaust because they heard that so and so has a friend who whoops gts all day with the same mods.
  11. I see alot of them in silver up here in the Toronto area.
    You can pick them out with the factory skirt package they have and the vtec badge on the rear quarter panel.

  12. Because no OTHER civic driver would ever think to put a vtec badge on the rear quarter panel of their car? :D I'm just messin with you.

    Anyway, I'm glad integraholic cleared up what si he was talking about. The speed issue aside, the new ones are hideous. The only civic I've EVER been beaten by was a civic hatch with a bunch of stuff done to it (my bro knows the kid). My car was also bone stock at the time. I don't have problems with ANYONE with a car just because of what kind of car it is. I respect any and all kinds of cars if they can EARN my respect. A kid with a 4 door EX (with hubcaps mind you) and a fart can does absolutely nothing to do that. If someone pimps out his car tastefully and it really looks nice, I give them props for doing so, even if absolutely nothing is done to make the car fast. I know people who do that, they concentrate on looks instead of performance because thats what they like to do. I have no problems with that. My brother has a 99 Ranger and him and all his friends either lift or lower their trucks. I like both. They're cool in their own way. I like both imports and domestic if they're done right. I dunno, I'm just really open to everything and it annoys me sometimes that I'm stereotyped just because of the car I drive...
  13. More displacement=faster! basic knowledge. weight being equal! generally more cylinders=more displacement, how is that dumb?? please school me in rice rational??
  14. I would take a civic if it was for free, but a stock stang is hella more powerful than any stock civic, and plus im not all into the 2.0l weak ass engines.
  15. I have 1.8 litres of displacement. You have 3.8. What's your quickest quarter mile time and highest top speed? My quickest quarter is 14.5 seconds and my top speed is 145 mph. You = schooled.
  16. ok lets balance the engine of my car and make my car the same weight, do you think you would still win?? I don't think so. Anything done to a car with less cylinders can be done to one with more so how is 4 cylinders faster than 6 everything being equal??

    My point being if I take my 6 cylinder engine and you take your 4 banger and we were able to do whatever we wanted, money is no object, and it has to remaining NA, would you still race?? I think my point is made.

    Just because it comes from the factory slower, it will always have more potential than any 4 banger, i would put money on it.
  17. I'm not a big fan of the civic, mainly because I just prefer American V8 rear-wheel drive cars that actually have torque. Although I will give some credit to the progression of performance from some of the newer imports. My girl friend traded in her old sentra for an 02' Spec-V, and after driving her old 115hp auto to driving the new Spec-V was a world of difference. On one occasion with three people in the car this guy in a 99+ V6 mustang pulls up next to us at the light and looks over with that look.(Everybody knows that look!) My girlfriend sitting shotgun gives me the ok, so we both hit it on the green! By third gear I was pulling on him (with three people onboard), I was pretty surprised. I'm not trying to dis all ya V6 stangers, but if I was trying to act like my V6 stang is the ****, and got worked by a stock four-banger I'd be selling my car. By the way I also whupped on some guy in a newer Camaro RS, so you guys don't feel so bad.
  18. I don't think my car is the ****. I was stating more cylinders with same compression and rpms on a NA engine being a 4, 6, 8, or more cylinders you will always be faster with the bigger motor, you can try and say it isn't but explain to me how it can be faster.

    could a 4 banger make it into the 12's NA?how about 13's??
  19. There are as many cocky mustang drivers as civic drivers. But I do get tired of civics and other imports trying to bait me in a damn race every day.

    I do love the looks of the Integra and well as the looks of an RSX, but I wanted a mustang and thats what I bought. Whether it was faster or slower than a SI, Integra, or whatever, had no baring on my decision.


  20. I think all the stipulations you're putting on this is funny. Yes, technically what you're saying, with the same EVERYTHING, more cylinders does equal more power. You originally said "more displacement = faster." I proved you wrong, then you go and try to change it up. You want a 4 banger that makes more HP than you do? How about the S2000. 240 horsepower NA 4 cylinder.
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