Mustang vs. Civic

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  1. I agree ofcourse a car w/ more cylinders and same compression will generally win. It would also cost much more to get a 4 cyl into into the 13's than it would for a V6. You got to admit though, a little more than five years ago there was no such thing as a stock civic, neon, sentra, impreza, integra... whatever import, coming anywhere close to the performance of a V8 or V6. So in those terms I believe they deserve not much, but a little respect.
  2. I'd bet 1000 dollars that I could get an N/A import into the thirteens with under 5000 invested in the car and everything.
  3. This whole god damn argument is so ridiculous. It never ceases.

    There are a lot of dumbass people in Civics that think they're the second coming.

    There are an equal number of dumbass people in Mustangs that think they're the second coming.

    And the great irony is that YOU'RE ALL ****ING WRONG!!!

    This is like the god damn male equivalent of cruel teenage girls that pick on eachother until they develop eating disorders. Think about it.

    I wouldn't turn down any car. Sure I have my preferences, and I like my Mustang, but I respect what other people do with their cars. Leave it at that, and go do something productive.

    Hopefully a mod will do the world a favor and close this damn waste of bandwidth and server space.
  4. You wouldn't turn down a Ford Festiva? Someone should be questioning your sexual preference. Hahahaha. Just messin with ya man.
  5. What's wrong with a Festiva? Sure it's a slow box, but a friend used to have one, and it was good on gas, not too much of a POS, and surprisingly roomy inside.
  6. I know why integraholic doesnt like it. He doesnt like it because it doesnt have a H on the hood and all cars that dont have a H or A on the hood suck.
  7. Cylinders or Displacement your talking almost the same thing(yes I do know they are different) you can't get the same displacement out of an engine with less cylinders. It is a stupid point to argue, yes the S2000 is a quick car, and yes it is in the 200+ hp NA, but I could still make a 6 cylinder faster than a 4 banger. That is my point, I also know that whatever I do to my car a V8 will always have an advantage over me if they want. I could build up my engine NA and then strap all the power adders in the world to it, the V8 can do the same. I will always lose, but if I race a stock GT sure I'll win if I'm running 12's, does that mean the guy in the V8 should sell his car cause he got owned by a V6?? No I put the money into it, but his car could still own me if he wanted to.

    and I would never own a ford festiva, i would rather take the bus at least I could mix in the crowd and hide my face on a bus. :D
  8. would you care to enlighten me?

    92 civic hatchback body w/ GSR motor swap?
    that would work
  9. Hey, I'd take the civic, then drive it off a cliff and watch it explode. Around where I live civic owners pretty much think stickers = HP and If theres a V-Tech (Don't know about spelling and don't care) badge on that Bad boy, you just better steer clear cause that thing will take out exotics! It was pretty funny when a kid in a civic raced my friends modded 99 GT, all I could do was lmao. I would never drive something that sounds similar to when my @SS speaks. Thank you for your time :lock:
  10. Yes, DanM, granted the argument is an old one. But still my point to starting this "waste of bandwidth" is to find out when and why the rivraly began. i apologize profusely for wanting to get some answers to those questions.

    Anyway, what I don't understand is how all of the ricers i've met say that they customize their car to make it different than all the rest of the civics, integras, etc. If that is their point, then how do they all end up looking the same? I've definitely seen some very nicely done import cars, but i'd say 90% of them end up looking ridiculous. of course huge wings, neons, and the oh so high and mighty "type r" sticker do add hp but still....
  11. One day I was driving along, and I heard a hot girl say "Wow, look at that Mustang" to some of her friends, as she pointed at me. And I also love it when girls come up to me, and say how much they like my car.

    :hail2: to the Mustang baby.
  12. whats wrong with a fiesta???? ive seen one with a 351w in that would burn rice all night long! Integra boy, i have complete respect for 4 cylinder power, im building a 2.3 turbo (thats a ford 4 banger, came in some stangs) it will be fast, but like was said, more displacment has more potential, plain and simple. You say you could put a honda in the 13/12's for 5k, Wake up , Joe morgan put a pinto into the 10's for less than that, and that was including buying the car! LOL. I have respect for anyone who knows there car inside and out, knows what its capable of, and smart enough not to have a big mouth. I do my share of ripping on rice, becuase i dont respect that fast and the furious attitude. For the most part civics will never be a collectors item, You wont see 50 years from now someone going to salvage yard to buy a body of one and completely restore it. And then tell there kids " when i was your age this was the car to have, it could lay down rubber and make you feel alive". When will ricers learn, theres more to a car than a 8k redline, 240 hp, and the torque to match a mountain bike? Hp is great, tq is what makes it fun to drive. if less displament (ie 4 cylinder) ment more power, honda wouldnt have made a v6, toyota wouldnt have made a v8 (for there trucks/suv's), ford (being as cheap as they are usualy) wouldnt have made a v6/v8/v10 etc etc. More plastic, big wings, and vtech stickers only get you so far ;)
  13. I never said more displacement didn't mean more power. Someone made the comment of More displacement/cylinders = faster, and that's what I corrected. And then I gave an example of a car with less displacement creating more power. I dont see what everyone has to argue with me about. You also have to remember, it's not just the power, it's the power to weight ratio. I'm only putting 156 hp to the wheels with 120 lb ft of torque, but for my lightweight car, that's good enough for 14 second passes. I too also recognize the need for more displacement. I wouldn't have bought a turbo V6 car now would I? Remember I did NOT say more cylinders/ displacement didn't mean more power. Did NOT.
  14. Man, I am so tired of the whole displacement argument. I have decided that I don't car about displacement anymore. All that matters is the money to power/looks ratio. Know why? Because the whole point of more displacement is more HP/TQ, so if I can get the same power from a N/A 1 cylinder .04L engine as I can from a Quad-Turbo W16 for cheaper, I'll take the 1-cylinder. I just don't give a crap about what it says on my engine, whether it be 4.6, 3.8, 2.0, as long as I make good power for the money. And, right now, there's no better way to make good power, for cheap, and look good doing it, than a brand new Mustang V6, in my opinion. $13k brand new and low-mid 15's STOCK. Can't beat that. PERIOD. Also, because it's cheaper, the whole "Well, my Type-S only has 2.0 liters and it makes 200hp... WHO CARES??? IT COST WAY MORE TO BUILD!!! Duh, its more technologically advanced, it should be. So, who cares if the LS1 is old fashioned, it still owns nearly everything on the road for relatively cheap. "But what if honda made a 5.7L, it would make 84 Trillion HP!!!... GREAT JOB HONDA!!! Unfortunately it would cost WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than an LS1. Thats just the way it is. Domestics choose to make power cheaply with "low-tech" larger displacement engines, while honda likes to spend more money making powerful, smaller displacement engines. So, I officially don't care how many liters your car is, just how much it cost and how fast it goes. PERIOD.
  15. Probably the only reason I don't like 4 banger engines is because most of them don't have enough torque. I commend honda and other manufacturers for being able to squeeze 100+ hp per liter of their tiny ass engines, really I do. Now I want them to make a 100+ hp/l engine that is bigger than half a liter in size cheaply... then you can have a bunch of hp and torque at the same time. Sometimes when I'm driving around I think "hmmm maybe a 4 cylinder wouldn't be so bad..." Then I get to a hill and realize i don't have to rev to 8 million rpms or downshift or anything (and I still make it up the hill no problem) and the thought of a 4 cylinder goes away pretty quickly.
  16. how much did you pay for your displacement?
  17. didn't Jay Leno wedge a big block into one? I remember seeing a picture of him sitting in it... can't remember... funny though. :rlaugh:
  18. Nope, Taurus SHO engine. Hence, SHOgun Fiesta.
  19. 15K
  20. Oh, and I didn't say Fiesta, I said Festiva.
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