Mustang vs. Civic

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  1. Exactly... I don't know of any subaru that came with a twin turbo setup, so I'm not real sure what he was referring to.
  2. Woohoo! Slow Mustang owners unite! :banana:
  3. well for me i have owned a 97 v6 mustang and then a 01 civic and now i have another v6 mustang this one is a 02. but i would much rather have a civic over a stang
  4. i also have a friend that has a sohc non vtec civic that is running mid 6's in the 1/8th
  5. So why don't you?

  6. If you would rather have a civic then why did you go from stang to civic and back to stang???
  7. a civic attracts more men of alternate tastes
  8. LOL! but you have to admit, that the mustang exudes speed much more than a civic, which screams...35mpg and is the preferred method of transport for lil old chinese ladies everywhere (and more than a few white ladies in the same age group as well).
  9. no i saw it on ebay and it was not the svx i think those were 6 cylinders. it was like my old 91 legacy and the pic was a real one it showed 2 turbos and the gauges said 180. it looked just like my old one. i was talking about any subaru and i don't see why you say they don't hold up to abuse. mine had almost 300,000 miles and it did not smoke and cranked right up. it was fast and it would also powerbrake when the e brake was on. the s2000's look sort of well ugly as hell to me and i have a video of on trying to powerbrake and it was pitiful. my stock 135 hp boxer subaru had a way better burnout. anyway i am not here to defend 4 bangers just stand by what i drove and it turned out to be a really bad ass car. but anyway i have a 95 stang with a 5 speed and i like it. it may not be as cool as the 5.0 but i have my own 302 bored .060 over with speed pro hypereutectic coated pistons rebuilt heads with a mellings cam melling high volume oil pump, weiend street avenger intake with a 1406 edelbrock carb. it lopes hard and i built it myself. if i had a t5 i would not be putting this new v6 back in the stang now. it would have this beast of a motor in there. then i'd for sure beat the hondas
  10. and actually my civic was quicker than my 97 mustang and the reason i have a mustang than a civic isnt really much of a choice right now......... i had to file bankruptcy so i lost my civic and i had to just settle for the mustang right now but i am looking for another civic, and i also have drive my g/f's honda that will smoke just about any v6 mustang even with a mods and yes it is stock
  11. You made it sound like the twin turbo thing was a factory car. :shrug:

    And I wasn't denying subarus hold up to abuse... i was making a joke about the bulletproof comment. You apparently missed that. I'll lay it on a little thicker next time.
  12. 1. not all civic owners are like that
    2. hell no
  13. it was a stock car i think it was wrecked and the motor was for sell for 400 dollars. sometimes jokes go over my head though.v6 or not i think the stangs look better especailly the 98's and down. i really don't like the look of the new ones. they also get some hotties a looking. i don't see anybody staring and smiling at any honda drivers, body kit and cannon muffler or not. if we v6 stangers wanted to rave then we would have 5.0's and 4.6's just kidding. how do you know your gf honda would beat most mustangs. have you been here were they auto, was the honda auto or manual. you have to put this in the question. if you race the wrong person that new how to drive standard, your honda's going down son.
  14. you sir ( or mam, or neutral), are an idiot
  15. Okay, I think that the horse is dead from all the beating!
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