mustang vs. S2000 ? 1/4 mi.

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  1. how fast is an s2000 in the quarter mile? Ive heard bad things about NSX's in the 1/4 mile and I was wondering if s2000's are the same way. They seem fast but I was wondering if one could put up a good race against my mustang or would I get burned?
  2. u win...
    done :nice:
  3. the only way your going to get burned by a average S2000 is if you spill your coffee on you when you powershift, thats about it-
  4. Yeah, I am stock except for gears, shortshifter, and exhaust. I smoked my bosses.
  5. Probably an easy win for you.
  6. they make no low end tourqe so id say a win for you
  7. not unless he uses slicks, and dumps the clutch at 7k rpm, i dont see that happening.
  8. WOW I feel bad now. Last summer I got beat by one in my brothers cobra, like 4-5 cars. Stock cobra Vs S2000 and I don't know if he had any thing, but I know he didn't have a tubro..
  9. Judging by the current state of all your rides, Id say maybe it was your driving:shrug:
  10. Not funny man..............he he
  11. 1/4 .... you got it

    twisties .... no way
  12. Shame on you if you lose