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  1. I parked next to a co-worker just the chap his hide!!! no seroius, his vette is really nice.... but Id still pick my car over his... what do you think?

  2. Of course I'd side with you. Your car is car more practical, too. Besides, fiberglass is not good material from which to build a car. The Vette's doors will sag soon, cracks will appear, and that car will begin rattling and clunking. You made the best buy. There, I hope I gave you some ammunition with which you can torment him.
  3. i agree Stangs are much more practical than Vettes. they have a "free-er" feeling to them too. Vette's have just gone off the deep-end. come back to something that looks and feels like a REAL car.
  4. Mustang.... Vette.... Mustang.... Vette.... Mustang.... Vette...

    Hmmmm.... To tell ya the truth, when the N20Jnky grows up it want's to be a Viper!!!!
  5. You are out of your freaking mind if you'd choose a mustang over a c5 vette.

    The vette is a dramatically better performance car than a mustang.
  6. I love this arguement you can buy the vette and have a faster car that is stock but who leaves there car stock. Collectors and wusses(no offence to anyone just a belief) but if you bought the mustang and spent the difference on upgrades such as suspension and heads, blower or what ever $25,000 will buy for it the mustang will perform as good if not better than the vette and it will have it's own personal touch. also you can stick 3 chicks in a mustang verses 1 for a vette.
  7. :bs: You can run low 10's on a vette with no nitrous, and no boost, on the stock short block, and drive the car home and still get 28+mpg. Do that in a stang!


    Interesting information, care to share the sources?
  8. Was this aimed at me Misha??? lol So much for your Bassani parts J/K

    Have you driven a Ford lately??? No seriously my 2000 gt convertable rattled and clunked more than any car I ever owned or drove(except for maybe a pinto). This thread cracks me up. Obviously you are going to like the car you own as will he. Am I sorry I got rid of the GT----not a chance.
  9. Ya know I love ya darlin, but.... um..... NO.

    Sonic blue is my fav' color for stangs....

    Bullitt wheels are my fav' ....

    but vs a new C5 with nice wheels , um,... Id have to go bow-tie on this one.


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  10. C-5 or stang? Hands down C-5...C-5 vs Saleen S281E or S351 comparison, Saleen...the funny thing is, you can buy an '04 cobra for about 7-10k cheaper then a C-5...and stanger351 is correct, kinda hard to fit more then one chick in a vette... :nice:

    BTW, I've owned a couple of vettes in the past and really liked them, but there are a 1.3 vettes out rolling around, and thats 1.299 million more then I care to know. I enjoy any sports car or hot rod, but some just seem to grab my attention more then others and a vette just dont do it for me anymore. Been there had 'em, will never own another one again.
  11. Specially a black one with tint and nice BBS wheels. [​IMG]
  12. Oh yeah? Well I can buy a 88 lx 4-cylinder car for $200 and put $48,000 in it and it will OWN EVERYTHING!!! :rolleyes:

    You can't polish a turd.
  13. how do you know you can't, have you tried to polish one????
  14. lol.... naw he's too busy polishing something else (ya know you can go blind...)
    :nonono: :rlaugh:

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  15. :lol: Verts are a little more flexible so they will rattle more..
    "Have you driven a ford lately" Yes of course..... someone has too pull those chevys around :spot: ..Wright "Misha" :nice: Sorry Warren couldnt help it.
  16. I will pick the Vett.