35th Anniv Mustang Will Not Start

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by boingaon, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I own a '99 special edition which is in excellent condition overall, but will not start for some reason. The battery is fine, the engine cranks but will not start. It has been sitting in the garage for over a month without starting it. I checked the fuel pump fuse and it is fine. Does anyone have any ideas? I need to sell it to stay afloat.

  2. It could be a laundry list of things, would have to see it to diagnose it.

    How much are you looking to sell it for?
  3. Does the theft light blink like mad when you try to start it? I had a similair problem once, the anti theft module was causing the issue.

    Good luck.
  4. Not sure on the sale price. The THEFT light remains constantly lit during start. I'm not sure if this is simply things initializing or if the theft system is blocking ignition like you say Voorhees.
  5. You have another set of keys? Sometimes the magnetic security devices in the keys go bad and they wont start the car because the system will think it isnt that car's key. If you have a spare key, try that to start it.
  6. I tried both sets like you said, still wont start. It cranks fast and strong but will not start up. The engine oil dial is at minimum even though I checked and it's full. Not sure if the car needs to start up to sense the oil though.

    Like I said it started up just fine a month ago. Last month, I ran almost completely dry of fuel. The tank is full now, but maybe the emptiness did some damage to the fuel pump?
  7. The fuel pump itself might be shot, not the fuse.

    When you turn the key to the start position, do you hear a humming noise for about 1 second from the back of the car? If not, your fuel pump is shot.
  8. Will the sound be obvious? Because I don't hear much of anything, other that sounds coming from the front of the vehicle. Is the fuel pump inside or outside of the tank?
  9. Yeah it's obvious, and it will be from the rear... You've never heard the pump before when you turn the key to the start position? It will make a humming/buzzing noise for about a second (pressurizing the lines so gas gets to the fuel injectors)

    If you don't here the hum, it's your fuel pump. Those are cheap and easy to replace.
  10. That's probably it then. I'll need to borrow some jack stands from someone.. Thanks for your help.
  11. Does this pump look okay? It's the cheapest I could find. I called Autozone & Checker and they gave me a quote of $119.99, but this one is only $75 with a 5 year warranty.

    AutoTrust Platinum Fuel Pump OE replacement
  12. Make sure you didn't trip the inertia switch in the trunk.
  13. Yeah I checked the switch, tried pressing it down as hard as I could, but it appears that it has not been triggered.
  14. Big question for you guys- will I need an entire assembly or just the fuel pump? I have a Haynes Repair Manual that says "The fuel pump module can't be disassembled on models prior to 1998". Thanks
  15. You're fine, just the pump
  16. Hello everyone. I have removed the fuel tank and filter, but am having trouble getting the fuel pump assembly out of the tank. The cover for the pump was removed with 6 bolts. Are there clips that are right in front of my face that need to be removed? My hands are dearly sore from working with connectors, clips and tabs for hours on end.

    **Nevermind- it pulled straight out with some force.
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  17. Well, I installed the new fuel pump. I have the gas tank on the garage floor underneath the Mustang. I hooked up the electrical line only and turned the ignition key to on position. None of the tubes are currently connected. I don't see any gasoline coming out of the line, nor do I hear any substantial noise indicating that the fuel pump is working.

    Actually, I do hear soft humming from the fuel pump. However, fuel is not coming out of the outtake line. I do, however, only have about 1.75 gallons of fuel in the tank.
  18. Update-

    The wires on the pump were switched around. The new pump did not have any polarity indicators so I guessed using the orientation of the old pump, but it was wrong. Looks to be pumping with vigor now. I need to order the filler pipe gasket now. When I get it assembled I hope it starts.
  19. Good Luck!