Mustang Wranglers car club

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  1. We are meeting at the shop (All Ford) @ 9:15, then heading to get some coffee then cruise out to the meet...anybody is welcome to meet up with us at the shop and cruise out there with us.... :nice:
  2. directions to ALL Ford from The big bad portland?!?

  3. Get on I-5 and head North till you reach SR500 East. When getting on to SR500 turn left at the 1st light you come to which is St. Johns. You'll go about 3 miles and you'll cross over 63rd street. After you cross 63rd, its the next left which I believe is 66th street..then turn left. head towards the back of the complex and follow the driveway to the left and you'll see the shop. Get lost or have any Q's, you know my down is the only way Jerry! :banana: :banana:
  4. mustang show

    Saturday April 17 is the same day as the Port Angeles mustang show (North Olympic Mustang Club). Many local (Seattle, Tacoma and Bremerton Mustang owners will probably be at that show.
  5. You said it! :nice:

  6. Not that top silly... :lol: :lol: :lol:

    See you next Saturday morning.
  7. when ya get to the end of the street there, and you think youre lost, just go to the left between the last two buildings (one perpendicular to the street, the other parrallel) and the shop is around on the back side of that last building.... look for the test and tune marks between buildings ====== ===

  8. I like your last remarks....======= :nice:
  9. I'm there Cory...dont forget the cards :spot:
  10. Sounds good Ed..I'll see you there..only no cards bro, me and Chung are fearful of you...MAVERICK!!!! j/k lol :nice: