Mustang wrecked, has this ever happened to you?

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  1. i got T boned a few months ago, on e 2 lane road i turned left intentionally but without looking, an old sable hit my in the passsenger side door and the little panel in front of the rear tire, i skidded around and my drivers side fender hit the red truck that was stopped too far in the intersection to begin with(didnt know it at the time) was purely my fault, BUT the lady didnt have insurance(claims she couldent find her card) so she got a 550.00 ticket. I dont know what happened because of it on her end but i told the judge she didnt have insurance and he didnt care one bit, it was still my fault. so dont rely on the other guy not having insurance getting you out of the ticket, maybe WA state just sucks

  2. That seems to be the case with anyone with Blue hair. The Blue hairs just cant drive anymore.

    Anyone notice that chinese ppl are REALLY bad drivers?
  3. Up her in Canada we have an underinsured motorist policy which protects us from stuff like this(if you sign up for it). Do they have something like that in the US?
  4. Couldn't put it any better myself.
  5. In MA you can't even register a car unless you present insurance first. Even afterwards, if you cancel, your car becomes illegal to drive. If you get caught, you are in big trouble,

    Sue his ass. People need to take responsibility for their actions
  6. yes they offer it but it isnt required..
  7. This is how it is in NH as well, to my knowledge. I'd also hire a PI to check up and make sure he isn't trying to drive w/o a license :D

    Thats the way I'd see it.
  8. What? People being responsible for their own actions? In this day and age?!? That's just unheard of! :) No, seriously. Far as I know, folks who drive around without insurance only get ticketed with a misdemenor (sp?). That crap oughtta be a friggin' capital offense punishable by death ... or at least some hardcore public corporal punishment. Y'know, 50 lashes with a rattan cane, whippings with a cat-o-nine-tails, something along those lines.

    Think about it. For at least 75% of folks, their car is their means of getting to/from their job and thus putting food on the table. No car means no way to get to the job, and thus no way to buy food and pay bills. Some semenal discharge stain is too stupid and too cheap to get insurance to cover the cost of their crappy driving skills (or complete lack of skills, altogether), and he/she goes out and blasts your car into a pile of scrap by running a red light or whatever. If they don't just up and run from the scene of the accident (in which case, the death penalty should be MANDATORY and IMMEDIATE for such offenders), then that person should have to answer for his/her crime by either having each and every minor possession they own being auctioned off to cover the fair cost of repairs/replacement (even if it comes down to leaving them naked in the street), and/or said person SHOULD be forced to endure some manner of cruel and unusual punishment ... and the more cruel and unusual, the better. :D

    My dad lost a mint-condition '77 El Camino with only 35k original miles on it to some stupid twit that pulled an illegal left-hand turn in front of him at 40mph. She had no insurance, of course, and he tried taking her to court, but she copped the whole "Oh, I have no money, I have nothing to be sued for" defense and somehow got off the hook. Pops ain't seen a dime from that wench, and that El Camino he inherited from Gramps just forever sat and rotted in a wrecking yard henceforth.

    I can totally see myself getting into a wreck involving a friggin' illegal alien with a ratted-out pickup truck (probably a hit-and-run deal, too) within the next couple of years. It's more of a "when" than "if" thing down here in Arizona, sadly enough. I've already had one car hosed by some stupid 75-year-old doofus that cut a random U-turn in front of me ... but fortunately, he DID have insurance ... but when he first pulled out an EXPIRED insurance card, the cop literally had to hold me back from him because I was ready to rip the old fugger's throat out with my teeth.

    So again, in short, if you drive without insurance ... DIE.
  9. hey man you might want to check your plug wires make sure one or two havent come off the plugs its worth checking and yeah if the inertia switch was tripped it wouldnt run at all without resetting it . good luck anyway.