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  1. Looks good man...maybe you could slap in a couple of those short high flow cats in there??:shrug:

  2. Hmm...i could prob do that. Buy two of these and have a shop weld them in for me? :shrug:

    ~ $70 each or so. I don't need to pass emmissions at all...i just don't want to run around catless. So as long as some sort of cat is there, i'm fine. MagnaFlow 54956 Universal Catalytic Converter (Non CARB compliant): Automotive

    I don't think these cats require O2 the smog pump setup I worked so hard to reinstall might not be needed now. :nonono:
  3. Mike,

    FYI go to
    find the login link
    type "clubgp" in the login box hit enter
    search for part # 54956
    notice $54.xx price

    then dance.
  4. Hot damn. That is a good price! Thanks!
  5. Now here's an impulse buy...

    Spied these on CL for peanuts. Guy happened to live right next door to my work. So i swung by and picked them up.

    They aren't in bad shape, but I don't need windows, so they won't be going on my car...but at least I can practice refinishing on them so I can do my own windows. I feel more comfy trying it out on these first vs my own windows. After that, who knows what I'll do with them.

    (bottom window is just wet from cleaning)

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  6. Okay guys, sadly this may be the last update I make for a while. I got my condo, closing date set in April. No garage though. :(

    Anyway, i had $200 in summit cards, so i bought a Steeda Tri-ax shifter with it. Honestly, i prefer the MGW shifter...but the shifter was basically a gift so i can't complain. Later on, i may be interested in traded for an MGW if anyone is crazy enough to do that.

    Also, don't get the "comfort performance" version. Summitt is fuzzy on the description, and basically it's a tri-ax with a HUGE handle for comfort! :( Luckily I had a short handle that is prob the same as the normal tri-ax handle. So i used that.

    Throws are short, but MGW throws are much shorter. :(

    Also, won't be putting tires on those 03/04 GT rims i bought. Need tires on the daily driver gotta take care of priorities. I'm now a single guy with a I gotta eliminate some expenses. Stang may only see the road for a few months this year because of that...hey better than selling it right? :shrug:


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  7. MIke 1st congrats on the condo toss up some pics when you get a chance. The tri-axe is still better than stock. I agree stick to priorities and do what you can do, plenty of time in life for stang stuff. My wife already told my azz is cut off on stang spending after the resto is complete, she is ready to set up road size bombs for the UPS truck :rlaugh:. so I'll be in the same boat..motor build will have to wait or I may have to hit you up for a place to crash :D
  8. Lol yeah, i basically cut myself off. I had some cash squirreled away for stang stuff that i funnelled towards my closing costs and a much needed washer and dryer for the new place :(

    I'll post some pics up when i close on the place..prob in 3 weeks
  9. Congrats on the place, I hope to buy again this year as well.
  10. Well, i haven't been on the boards much lately. Finally closed. Here's the new most expensive thing I own. It's a 4 year old building, and my unit is a foreclosure that has been empty for 3 years. I pretty much stole it. There's a gym inside, but no pool. Doesn't really matter as i don't swim much and there is the atlantic ocean out front after all.

    I won't be keeping the Mustang here even though i have underground covered parking. Salt air is just tough on cars.

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    (i'll take these pics down after a week or so...this is a Mustang-related thread so i don't want to clutter it)
  11. Omghi2u2 orb in pic 4....

    When I was in Florida right off the beach my Blazer started having all these rust spots popping up. Anyways, nice place.
  12. Thats a nice place. Congrats.
  13. Looks like a beautiful location, Mike.

    Bummer on the car situation. Where will you be keeping it?
  14. I've had it in a storage unit for the last year. It's fine, it can stay there. It's a high security location so it's safe. I'll prob take it out in a month or two
  15. Mike congradulations on the place. nice looking condo you got there. let me know if you need anything or help moving, etc.
  16. Okay, so back to the stang.

    Got around to checking out a few things. First off, I checked the vacuum to verify clogged cats. Vac test came back okay, have 20 inhg at idle and cruise. No drop in vacuum. So cats are fine. I am running a stock h pipe believe it or not, reason I don't have an aftermarket is because I cant decide if I want long tubes or standard plus the magna flow pipe I want was discontinued.

    So I ran the codes.

    Koeo. 11
    Cm. 11
    Koer. Got a code 91

    Quick scan says system lean, but doesn't go into much detail. So time to do some searching and find out how to correct this.

    Btw, I picked up a stock lx wing off cl. Doing some light sanding to fix some scratches in the paint and then gonna have it painted. Bye bye saleen wing.
  17. Looks like a nice condo. Congrats on that! A home is a great investment.
  18. Thanks!

    So I fixed my code 91. Got a new ford o2 off rock auto for 38 bucks plus ship. I love that site.

    Swapped the o2 and code 91 is gone. Car feels better. Was gonna take it for the first ride of the season but some stony thunderstorms rolled through.
  19. condo looks great. im gonna have to get a set of those locking lugs. my advance ones are rusting. the 2 or 3 i bought.

    if you get bored think you can pm me your efan setup? parts list, how to wire it in, ect.? thanks man.

    glad to hear of your progress.