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  1. Well, i was considering registering the car for a few months, but it needs a LOT of cleaning up before it's road worthy. I don't doubt it would start, but there's a lot of cleaning I need to do. Car hasn't moved in 4 years, 3 a lot of cobwebs and dirt to brush away. On the plus side...nothing a little elbow grease wouldn't take care of.

    Engine is dirty and rusty....but i've been keeping an eye out for a 4V drivetrain for a while, so this engine may never run again (at least in this car)

    PS. When you park an SN95 next to a 5.0, the 5.0 looks tiny! I was giving my GT an oil change next to the 5.0 as i was inspecting it to make sure nothing bad was happening and it's pretty cool to see how the chassis is the same, but so much is different. I've also realized i have a LOT of wiring and other misc mods i want to do better to make more presentable.

    BTW, i was there today to take out my black back seat and begin installing my '04 GT leather seat. I sold my black seats to my friend for $50 and his old blue seats (cuz i needed the frames)

    Out with the old seat and in with the new seat...almost. Still need to finish the seatbacks



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  2. BTW, i created a new thread since the other one was full of off-topic talk
  3. very nice looking. allot of stuff is corroded and rusted in the bay, i hope most of it polishes out. plenty of work to do but it will all be worth it. i thought you had been driving this car some, after its been out of storage? you said you got more looks in the fox than the sn95 you have. i guess this means compared to when you drove the fox before it was parked.
  4. I had both cars registered at the same time briefly. Maybe 3-4 months in the summer. People would come up to me and talk about the car all the time in gas stations and anywhere else. I've even had people follow me to ask me if i wanted to sell it.

    I still get compliments in the GT, but nowhere like i did in the 5.0.

    But right needs some cleaning. Most of the bay stuff is surface rust. It will clean right up. I was going to pull the engine out anyway. I wanted to do a t-5 conversion, so i figured i'd pull the engine, paint the bay and hide some wires and just start from scratch. A lot of work to do to get it to the point where i'd be proud to post pics of it. I regret letting it go...but i've had other priorities in life that came first

    But now i'm starting to dig into it a bit. Figure i'd start with the interior

    Where can i buy some good thin sound deadener material? I plan on putting it everywhere :)

  5. Doing a t-5 swap will make that car complete. I have always thought that your car is one of the most beautiful Stangs on here, just because it looks clean, simple, and nice! The one thing that killed it for me though was knowing that it's automatic. Now it's gonna be even more beautiful!

  6. I've got all the t-5 parts ready to go....just need to do it.
  7. no i mean when you drove it, that was before it went to storage right? it still hasnt run after sitting correct?
  8. correct. Once i parked hasn't moved under engine power since
  9. That won't take much to clean up. The GT seats are nice. I got them in Hack Job. You just sit a little bit higher, but I'm used to it now. Good luck!!
  10. How did it get so oxidized? Is it being stored outside?
    So I take it this is going to be a winter project for you? I think we make it a requirement that your car be finished by spring!
  11. Thats the ist time i have ever seen your Fox... I have seen you mention it alot in the 4.6 section, but never seen it...It looks really nice. Im diggin the 99-04 GT seats, & I would love to be able to do that swap in my Fox, but being that this is my 1st Fox & I am very used to the higher seating position of the SN95's I have had, I kinda like how I feel like I sit lower in the Fox with the stock seats....
  12. Coupe

    I want to get a set of those 94-04 leather seats, but I have a coupe. Anyone know what 94+ rear seats will fit a fox coupe?
  13. i thought you had a 5 speed swap done?

  14. It will. What you need is the metal frame the two 94+ seatbacks attach to. You simple screw that frame in place in the coupe and that's how the seatbacks mount up. There was a picture in another thread...the "Scored some seats out of a 96 thread" a few pages back.

    I wish i knew this before because when i bought my "leather" rear seat, it came with that frame and i tossed it in the trash. It could have been usedful for a coupe owner
  15. Damn...thanks for the info though.
  16. damn all i see is a bunch of red x's and img not available.

    the x's are hawt though
  17. Used up my monthly bandwidth a couple days early. I beleive it refreshes on the 5th of each month, so they should be up shortly.

    I'm getting the seatbacks from my buddy today, so during the week i'll snap some pics of me modifying the SN95 seats to fix.

    I sold my OEM black rear seat for $50 and the two seatbacks. I know i could have gotten way more, but this was a good friend.

    I paid $100 for the '04 GT rear this is really a $50 mod for me :)
  18. use photobucket?
  19. true, but it resets in 8 hours so i might as well just wait
  20. FInished the seatbacks

    What's left of the donor fox seatbacks

    They look like stock SN95 seats

    But as you can see...they have been modified with the Fox seatbackframes. They should bolt in now with no issues at all

    Should have em bolted in this weekend w/pics

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