Mustang5l5's Journal - Window Guide Bushings And Run Channel Molding

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  1. Sorry, i just saw this now. I'll PM you when i get a chance...but i'm gonna be changing it up a little soon. Just need to decide on what controller to go with.

    Update now...i'm "undoing" a few of my mistakes.

    Picked up some 03/04 Mach 1 springs. Thought they were bullitt springs but after running the p/n they are Mach springs. So they won't drop about 1/4" as much as the bullitt springs. I HATE my FMS C springs. It's not so much the ride, as it is the height. They slammed my car and there is little suspension travel and the nose is just too low. I'd rather have a comfortable ride and enjoy the car than for it to look sweet but ride like ass. So these will be going in shortly. I have adjustable arms in the rear, but I am thinking of not running isolators up front just to get a tiny bit more drop and then even it up with the adjustable arms out back. Anyone have comments about not running isolators just up front? Concerned about NVH?? but then again it is a 22-year old fox. :shrug:


    I also picked this up. stock LX wing. Bye Bye Saleen shopping cart wing! :nice: OEM = :nice:


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  2. wait you want ride quality on a fox? wuss

  3. Have you ever been to new England? Our roads are crap!
  4. dude, there are places here in cali that dont even have roads, most of where i live is underdeveloped desert
  5. I ran no isos in my 02 and just used some rubber hose around the top coil. Worked out great.
  6. So I got around to changing out the rear springs.

    With adjustable lcas it's a 30 mins job. First, lower lca to lowest position. Then place rear subframe on jack stands. Then unbolt and lower one side of axle first by unbolting shock. Then swap spring. Didn't even have to take the tires off and only had to remove one bolt.

    Spring height was exactly the same between rear c springs and rear Mach 1 springs. In fact, when installed and my lcas adjusted, the car height was the same. Ride is pretty much the same...maybe a little less softness in transition turns.

    Spring rates are

    Ford c springs

    Front 650 lb/in linear
    Rear 200-300 lb/in progressive

    Mach 1
    Front 600 lb/in linear
    Rear 250 lb/in linear

    So not much change, but will be nice to pick the front up a bit and get some strut travel back. I will install fronts without isolators....soon.
  7. Mike,

    I took the front isolators out when I did my poly control arm bushings because I could not get the car aligned without buying some CC plates. I don't know if it is due to the poly bushings (probably) or the lack of isolators, but my ride over rough roads is quite a bit more harsh. Whenever I get back into it, I plan on changing the poly bushings (or the complete a arms), getting MM CC plates and putting the isolators back in. A few months ago I just missed a local guy selling some Bullitt springs from his car for $100. @#$% !!!. Post up some pics when you get the fronts in.
  8. Tom, what springs do you have on there now?

    I did the rears with the isolators because I have the adjustable arms. I want to do no isos up format just to get them as low as possible. I've read plenty of posts stating they couldn't tell a difference when they removed them. I do have the ford a arms with rubber bushings
  9. Mike just do coil overs and call it a day :)
  10. My springs are still stock and with no isolators. Mine is low enough for me. It is 26" on the PS and 25-1/2" on the DS - mostly due to a dented fender lip I'm sure. My DS rubs whenever I turn a right corner fast or hit bumps while turning right. My sig pic is from before I did the front end changes. It is a bit lower now.
  11. I actually like the stance you have now. My c springs slam the front too much. Fender lip is about even with top of tire. I hope the Mach springs pick it up a little.

    The adjustable rear mm arms are awesome. I can adjust about 2-3 of rear height with them.

    Just need to find a good spring compressor for the front springs and I'll do those. If someone has a set of c springs sitting around, you measure the length for me? Want to compare to Mach fronts to see how much taller these are for the install.
  12. Okay. Got around to putting the Mach 1 front springs in. What a PITA!!

    None of the damn spring compressors I bought or rented worked. The c springs I had were right on the edge of not requiring a compressor, but the machs were 1 inch taller.

    In the end, after much swearing and trying to get the compressors to work....I used a method I swore I'd never use....I used hose clamps. 10 clamps around and just went around slowly tightening it up. Got just enough squeeze to fit it in the perch. I chose to install with no isos up front just to take It down a tad. I spoke with a number of people who removed isos and notice no difference in ride quality, so I choose to go that route.

    Anyway, I still don't recommend the hose clamp method and prob would never tell someone to do it....but after swearing for 3 hours, it did the job in 10 mins.

    Still gptta put the brakes and sway bar and stuff back on before I get it on the ground. Pics soon.
  13. so your weekend toy car was too low and now you're picking it up? Wow you just cant have un-sensible fun can you lol
  14. It was too low...used to bottom the front struts out all the time.
  15. stiffer spring then.
  16. They were 650 linear fronts.....600 linear now with the machs
  17. So wheel rates were equivalent to like 225-250lb coil overs? Try double that :)
  18. Someday i will go coil-overs...someday
  19. I could hear you swearing over here in Michigan!!! I did the same thing with Mod-Fox. I had stock fox 5.0 springs and cut half a coil. I used Snap-On's internal spring compressor and it was still a biotch. Well, the spring install the easy, but getting the internal "fingers" out was the PITA. Took me about 3 or 4 hours to do the springs and get the internal "fingers" out of the hole in the LCA. The bottom one came out with a fight. The top one was too big....I had to grind the hole larger in the LCA to get that one out.

    For the record....Steeda Sport Springs do NOT need any sort of compressor. You just slap them in, jack up the LCA with a floor jack and bolt your strut up and you're good.
  20. I remember years ago seeing the Ford spring compressor designed to fit inside there. that would be nice tool to have if it could be found easy enough. Dez racing was doing some stuff to my car so i had them pop in the fronts while it was there and save me the trouble. Mike went with Machs over the Bullitts, how are they ? I'll have to compare someday.