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  1. lol, i'm sure you did. I messed with one side for 3 hours trying to get that damn spring in....that;'s just spring time. Doesn't include the time pulling the brakes and other parts off and removing the C spring. None of the compressors worked and the internal compressor i had would not come out after i put the spring in. I almost just cut the damn thing to get it out, but didn;t want to waste the $40 i paid for it.

    3 hours later i said screw it, went to home depot, bought 10-15 4" hose clamps, and clamped the sucker. I didn't use a compressor, just went around and tightened them up and it sucked the spring in just enough to work. Didn't even really feel unstable. Yeah yeah, i's unsafe....but it was quick and easy. I had the spring installed 10 mins after starting to strap! :nice:

    BTW, the Ford racing C springs require no compressor to install either. With full isos, you cna push them into the perches with little force and then jack the arm up..

    OTC makes a tool, but i couldn't find anywhere to rent it and it's $250 new. Didn't want to pay. Got the springs in. Amazingly after figuring out the method, i got the other side done 2 hours from pulling lugnuts off to retorquing the wheel on.

    Got the car down on all 4 wheels today. I like the decision to leave the isos out up front. Off the jackstands, i measure 26" even from ground to fenderlip. I was at 25" before with the C springs. Maybe they will settle a bit more after a day or two with weight on them. I have my rears set at 26.5" right now.

    The car rides better. I actually can turn now up front! No more rubbing when i crank the wheel. I didn't go for a real ride though so cant compare at speeds more than 20MPH yet. No pics either as i lost the light. Will get some after Hurrican Earl possibly hits. :(

    Now time to list the C springs on CL for some more mod money! :nice:
  2. Yeah, man, don't feel bad, I had a lot of hours in mine too...and even though I don't have all the weight in the car weight, I'm not happy with the height. Actually I love the left side, but the right side is up higher...not sure why. Springs are seated in the "wells" up front. much do you want shipped to MI on the C springs? How many miles you have on them.

    And also...your ride measurements are perfect for a fox IMO. I think Hack Job was about the same height.
  3. I may have them sold actually. Got some decent response and got a couple guys that one will prob end up taking them. Sorry man.
  4. It's no problem. Don't sweat it. You have any recent pics you can post of the car now?
  5. Gonna take some this weekend after Hurricane Earl blows through tomorrow night.
  6. Double Post, delete
  7. I did, but I don't think it would have helped me. Great idea though I should prob order one just to have.

    To be honest, if I ever do springs again, I'll use the band method. Was easy.

    I've been driving on the combo for three days now. Sorry no pics, I always leave the camera at home when I go take the car for a spin. I have to tweak the rear ride height. I set them set pretty much the same height and then found out the rear fender is 1/2 over the I need to raise the rear a tad with the adjustable control arms.

    The ride is nice. Feels so good to hit a bump and have suspension travel! Rough roads feel nicer and it really doesn't feel like I lost much handling ability. The Mach springs are still stiff.

    Oh yeah I gained my turning radius back!

    Pics when I can...prob take a few tomorrow.
  8. I remember my coil-overs just bolting in.... no compression issues... can't remember how to reinstall my old BBK coils anymore.... hmmm

    But glad you got em in, did you get the rise you wanted?
  9. It did..but I could prob use it 1/4" lower up font. Next time i have the coils out I might trim a tiny but off
  10. Just do it while it's in the car :rlaugh:
  11. Okay, here are pics. Car is dirty, havent had a chance to wash it.

    Uncut Mach 1 springs up front, no isolators (still rides softer than C's with isos). Mach 1 rears with full isos and adjustable rear arms controlling rear height.

    Could use a tiny bit lower up front. Might trim off 2" or so of spring lenght next time to see if i can get it down maybe 1/4-1/2". Ride height is 26.25"to both front fenders.


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  12. Front wheel height change.

    C springs w/isos


    Mach 1 springs w/o isos

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  13. And front spring visible difference.

    C spring on left, Mach 1 spring on right

    C spring 650 lbs linear
    Mach spring 600 lbs linear

    You can notice the C spring is shorter, but has fatter coils and more of them


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  14. Mike looks good to me, though I'm not big on the lowered look has much if it doesn't provide real world function and is more for looks. pretty close ride hight I have with bullitts.
  15. oh gawd those rims are hideous, get some bullits asap :)
  16. Lol. I have rims. See sig. I just need tires which takes a backseat to real world priorities. I gotta put tires on the daily driver this month....bye bye $700 :(
  17. Hey Mike I was doing some searching on another site and found these



    bring back some memories :D
  18. Lol.

    I miss my pony wheels. I actually traded them straight up for the Cobras. :)
  19. Car is down for the time to start doing things again! :)

    Put my gauges back in. Said i was going to do them under the radio, but couldn't convince myself i could actually see them. Also, you can see my cowl mounted fuel pressure gauge and the new shift light i installed.

    I put the boost gauge in temporarily because i wanted to see how my vacuum behaves how i drive. The only one who is gonna see it is why not it it does what I need it to do. I ran the line for the oil pressure gauge and when all done, will swap them out.

    Also, you can see where i mounted the control box for the shift light. Using the 3K pill for now for daily driving...but have the 5000-6000 RPM pill kit


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