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  1. Okay, more stuff for my AC reinstall.

    Friend gave me his compressor. He recently took it off his car which had a working R-12 system. Dumb, i know, but he's making a race car. Unfortunately i already had everything else new, so i couldn't take his entire setup. But good working compressor full of oil and freshly removed. Will clean it up, paint it and then seal up the ports until I do my install.

    I also bought a new evaporator core. My current core has been sitting open for 8 years. i didn't want to take a chance even though a solvent flush might save it. I figure with an all new A/C system, I don't want to take the chance. Tried to get a Motorcraft unit, but no longer made. I've found new Evaps were in the $60-70 range. 4 seasons makes them P/N 54531. Found one for $25 new, figured why not. I got it, opened it up and the BEST part was on the bottom it was stamped "Motorcraft" :nice:

    So maybe i scored because if you google the p/n they are all $60+ new. It came in a 4 seasons box, but the part has MOTORCRAFT stamped on the bottom...for $25 new? :shrug: Not gonna complain

    Of i gotta pull the dash *again* to install it :(


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  2. In addition, i already had these parts. Got these about a year ago when was closing out it's Motorcraft A/C stuff. Think i paid about $80 for all 3 lines.

    All Brand new Motorcraft A/C stuff :)

    Accumulator and line
    orifice line
    return line


    Of course, i also have the brackets and such to mount the compressor. Friend is gonna sandblast them and i'll paint them up.

    All i need is a condensor, and ther stupid bracket that holds the accumulator bottle on. Gonna get new. Can't find a motorcraft unfortunately. :(

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  3. Nice, i'll have another car to start work on soon so i'll be following the AC install since that car will HAVE to blow cold.
  4. +1, Mike, I don't know how detailed you were planning on being with the AC install, but I know it'd help me if you went into detail. I'd like to reinstall an AC system in my car, but I have no idea where to start.
  5. Well, right now i'm just gathering parts. I still need the condensor and to pick up the freon. I want to use R-12 if i can get it. For what i'm investing here, i want COLD A/C

    I can do a thread when it comes time to install
  6. Change of plans. The 6-disk Mach 460 ended up being a huge pita to wire up.

    Going for something a little more plug and play. Had the console out so I can fill and paint the radio mount holes

    As for what's going underneath it...haven't made my mind up yet. Always thought the cubby was wasted space

  7. looks good a/c is precious, im going to do it one day to my car as well

    I still say double din H/U in there, even if its just a stock one
  8. It could be space for guages...maybe:shrug:

  9. Well, I already have a few things in mind.

    The ford cd player is the same as the one ford used in the 94-00 mustang. They are interchangeable and both will support either a slave cd, or a cd changer.

    So, was gonna use the cd player, with the slave cd player and basically have two cd players in the console....or use the tape player in the upper part wih the slave cd player and store the cd player since they are kinda rare.

    Or, just use the cd player, stick a cubby in and use an explorer cd changer in the hatch :shrug:

    I think I'm going cd player + slave cd

    I'll make a separate thread. Still waiting on a couple parts and gotta pull my pass seat and carpet to run the amp wiring
  10. I like the original Ford radio look, but what is this CD you are talking about? :D Haven't you advanced into the mp3 world yet, Mike? Heck, I've got all my favorite tunes on my phone now, that I can plug into the input, that is if I am every driving my car anymore. I'm driving my son's Vibe while he's away at college. Not much fun, but almost twice the gas mileage.

    I ran an amp and equalizer combo for years in place of the cubby hole, it fit in the opening pretty well. I really liked being able to adjust the frequency ranges independently.

    What would be neat would be hooking up a Sync system. I wonder if anyone has attempted that on an older car, or even if it is possible?
  11. Of course I have mp3 :). My daily driver come comPlete with iPod/iPhone hookup with steering wheel controls. :)

    It's kinda funny to take a blast from the past with the 1993 cd player. The radio is as basic as they come....fits perfect into what a fox mustang really is :)

    I admit, I am doing this 100% for the Stock look. If I wanted to invest in a decent stereo, I would be in my daily driver where i spend 25k miles a year
  12. Here's what my '92 had. Cassette with an EQ and all haha! Wish I still had it. I like the stock plain jane look. My current '93 just has an empty space with nothing in it. Need to work on that! Waiting to see what you do Mike haha.

  13. There was one of those on ebay complete with EQ....sold for $175 :(

    Actually...all fox stock radio stuff is selling for good $$$.
  14. Ok, so.....A or B? :shrug:

    The mid 90's ford tape and slave CD are directly interchangable with the 1993 amp and wiring. In fact, the mach 460 from 94-00 is nothing special...the propietry stuff is the amps and speakers, otherwise the headunit and slave cd are the same as in a taurus. The ford CD player also have the capability to run a CD changer/slave unit.

    Only part i need is the slave cd power cable, but other than that the cd player will work with either setup. From what i've read, the slave cd will read CD-R's much better...especially from a later Mustang. I think the dual CD looks "different", but the tape player would at least offer some variety. If i do go with the tape player, i'll buy one from a later 90's Mustang with the non-protruding eject/rev/forward buttons. My Ipod hookup will be the type that plugs into the rear antenna, so i don't need the tape.

    OR....i could put the stock cubby under there and put in an early 90's Ford 10-disk CD changer and mount it in the hatch. Will work with either head unit. I prob won't even use it though

    Btw, the spring clip mounts run all the way down the sides, so it looks like ford might of at least considered something like this. Who knows? But the fit is perfectly dead on

    (yes, i still haven't painted the sides yet where i filled in the radio holes)

    View attachment 194977

    View attachment 194978

    I like it. Stock, yet makes you look twice I think. I've had it hooked up. I'm satisfied with how the sound is. Might just tap a small sub in down the road, but that's up in the air.

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  15. I really need to check fit first with the brace on the trans tunner floor. The slave CD is a little shorter, but it still might hit. I've trimmed the lip off the brace and hopefully that gives me enough room.

    I also need a way to support the slave unit to the upper radio


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  16. Tape and cd player. Two cd players kinda looks weird.
  17. Of the two choices, I say go with the tape deck, too, but to hell with all that, at least find a way to splice in a USB port so you can play MP3s. It'll be nice to have a head unit you can control it with, though.
  18. If i do use the cassette deck, i would change it out for the later Mach setup. The early setup (pictured above) is fugly.

    This deck looks better

    There is also a 3rd style of this deck. All 3 plus the CD player will work with the OEM 1993 amp and wiring setup. Below is the correct 1993 fox deck however. It also came in 94-95 Mustangs and other cars.


    There are also versions of the two decks with manual rev/for buttons that will work with the 87-92 wiring...if you have one of those years and want a newer looking deck. They won't run the slave cd though. Just the premium decks will.

    Reason i want to use the slave cd is because supposedly has much better anti-skip than the Ford CD player.

    I kinda would like to use the CD player because it's unique. Don't see too many around. However, the tape deck looks matched up to the slave cd much better. The buttons match and the displays match
  19. Okay, had the decision made for me. Was putting the console back in the car and the lower cd unit just won't fit in. I trimmed the center trans suopport a bit, but the tunnel just comes up at an angle too steeply and there isn't enough room. :(

    So looks like 1993 cd player and cubby!

    At least the cubby gives a place to put my iPod. I'll use one of those adapters that plugs into the antenna, then dril a small hole in back of cubby and run line through for iPod.