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  1. They look great Mike! I've used that same leather cleaner/conditioner on mine and they've held up well, but now I'll have to get mine worked on eventually. The perforated leather on my seat back split along the stitching, third row from the top! @#$% ! I just noticed it a couple of weeks ago. My windows are tinted, I use my sunshade and I keep the seats conditioned. I must have gotten a bad piece of leather on mine or something.

    I need to hit my halos with another coat of dye. I've found it lasts a couple of years and then starts to crack a bit.
  2. See that's why i really don't want to dye them.

    I beleive on the 4.6L boards, someone put halos on their seats and recovered them in leather. It looked great. Unfortunately cheapest price I could find to do it was aroune $200 or so. I could spend that elsewhere :(
  3. looks good man. your planing 5 speed swap right?
  4. It's on the list of things to do. I have all the parts...even two t-5's. I just gotta do it.
  5. Those seats will look awsome Mike :nice:, we sure did get a ton of rain but not as much wind though. I was hanging out in the garage and cleaning some stuff on the stang and the water was flowing down my driveway like a river :D.
  6. 1 more SN95 component :) I gotta see if it fits first before i get an airbag and try to make the horn work. My 5.0 doesn't have factory no need to worry about that


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  7. sure am interested in one of those steering wheels! keep us posted!
  8. Sounds good Mike, I hope you do get all those white spots out... they bothered me, but I was worried about ruining the seats trying to get them off. I assume they are just some kind of paint... just not sure what.

    The seats actually never made it in a car. They were from saleen back in 2001. Saleen used their own seats, takes out the stockers and sells them. I got mine from them, brand new, only sat on from people at Ford or Saleen. I have had them since 2000 or 2001, and did my best to avoid cracks and wrinkles. Tough when you have a car that needs clutch cables done, brake light switches, etc... They should look real good in your car though.

    Also when you get the wheel in there, let me know how you did it and how it looks. I want to do it bad, but never found a good site to show how it looks or how to do it. You gonna get the airbag delete cover for the center?
  9. Damn, I LOVE SN-95 seat swaps. Looks great so far!

  10. I was gonne get the airbag delete, but it doesn't have a Mustang pony on it. It just says Ford. Not a fan of the appearance. I'll keep an eye out for an actual airbag. I just missed one that solf for $75. I just hope there is a way to disable it. I assume with no power though it won't go off.

    Right now i'm looking into how to make the horn work. Gotta see how it's done on the SN95 as the wheel didn't come with a clockspring.
  11. Be sure to remember everything you had to do to get it all to work, lol.

    I really also want to see how it works with the stock fox steering column. If it looks out of place or not?

  12. nice, I have actualy put that ateering wheel in my 87 hatch awhile back.... ill get a pic up to show how it looked :)!! to get the horn to work I just used the fox wires from the speed control etc.
  13. Cool, i'd love to see pics. I have an idea what you are talking about though. Shouldn't be bad

    I also need one Fox body seat wiring pigtail. The SNn95 seat has a power lumber plug, but it is not the same as the fox. So if someone has some junk seats they are gonna toss and can snip off one plug from the seat for me and send it my way...i'd appreciate it
  14. Mustang5L5 - yeah its not to hard to make all the buttons to work, I got the same seats to and got the power seat tracks n lumbar to work.. would have been good if I had the plug off of a fox seat. a cleaner install :p

    but here is the steering wheel, I got the air bag from a focus couldnt find a black one :-(

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  15. hmmm yeah i wanted that one too but chouldnt find it at a junkyard :-/... hmm ill see if I have anymore pics....
  16. 808Gt,

    Any pics of the wheel and how it looks against the column?
  17. Does anyone have pics of an 87-89 fox column with the wheel removed? I want to see how the clockspring is set up. If it's what i'm hoping it is, this may be very easy.

    BTW, i've been bidding on a few airbags on ebay. Tons of fords use the same wheel. it won't have the Mustang logo on it, but better than an empty hole for now

    I might try to install the wheel on Sunday....or at least see what I need to mod to get the horn working
  18. Mike, from what i've seen, the 87-89 wheels do not have a clockspring. Mine has metal spring loaded pins on the column that push against a corresponding disc on the wheel. I've replaced my wheel a couple of times due to the plastic cracking. Of course mine doesn't have cruise, so maybe the cruise ones are different? If they have a clockspring, that would be a good way to make it work. Then I wouldn't have to try and make the 92 column work that I got especially to put the SN95 wheel in my car.

    I pulled one of the ponys from a blown airbag, so I might try and create my own airbag delete panel using it as a mold and covering it with vinyl. The pony is what makes the SN95 wheel look right.

    Pic of my wheel, got it new for $80 from a friend that sold his Cobra before he replaced it!

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  19. My other thought was to cut out the metal disc from on old 87-89 wheel and mount it on the back of the SN95 wheel so it would still mate up with the metal pins. This might be the easier way. Wish I hadn't thrown my old wheel away!