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  1. How did you get that stupid smog pump apart? I have been trying to change the bearing in mine since it squeaks at idle, and havent had any luck opening that thing up fully, i only can separate the sides, but cant get the guts of it out.
  2. You gotta press it out. Basically you unscrew the back and use a screwdriver to pry the back part off. Then you have the big rotating drum inside. Stand the pump straight up on two bars so that the center drum can fall through and basically press it out from the top.

    It's actually a little tricky how it presses together. The bearing presses onto the shaft of the drum, which presses into the housing and then the pulley part presses onto the shaft outside of the pump.

    Was pretty easy to take apart, but a little tricky to get back together. I reassembled mine tonight and had to give it a few tries, but here is is all sandblasted, painted, clearcoated, brand new bearing and lubricated. It spins niiiiiice. Gonna replace the hardware with SS allen headed bolts tomorrow just to give it a more finished look.


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  3. Those are pretty nice. Cheap, and highly rated. I might just go with them. :nice:

    A little limited on tire size though. They don't seem to have a 275/40/17?

    Might have to go 235/45/17 up front and 255/45/17 out back. I'm a little tight up front which is why i run the 235's...slightly shorter than stock. I just barely clear rubbing the back part of the fender when i turn the wheel.
  4. Okay, think i'm pretty much done.

    Most of the front accessories are painted. I was going to disassemble the alt and paint it, but in the end decided not too because I don't want to risk damaging a reliable alt. At some point, i will replace the pulley with a new one. It's an ASP 1 7/8 OD pulley i run to counter the underdrives. So it needs to either be painted or replaced.

    Just gonna paint the SN95 e-fan shroud up and reinstall it and call it a day under the hood. I'm getting my Magnaflow catted H-pipe as a bday gift due to all the Summitt gift cards I know i can ditch the clogged stock h-pipe.

    I still plan on reinstalling the A/C....but me and the bank are $10K apart on a condo offer right now so my financial priorities right now will be dedicated to that at least until i settle in. I need a set of tires on the G35as well, so the $600 or so i had set aside for the tires on the 04GT wheels I got will have to wait and may have to go to the DD. Guess i might have to drive on the 97 Cobra wheels a little while longer. Sucks being responsible. :(


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  5. lookin good Mike.
  6. i feel you there. i might have to put a hub assembly on my jeep before i sell it. and i still got bills to pay. :mad: 315 more dollars till i can do my suspension yet so far away
  7. god i wish my ps pump was as clean as that. youre making me want to add that to me already extensive project list.

    and am i missing something, or is your coil really on the other side of the strut tower from where it should be? is there a reason for it besides just cleaning up the looks?
  8. I think its just unplugged???

    Mike it looks awesome..good job!!!
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  9. It's in the normal spot. The wire is just unplugged because I was using the starter to turn the engine over to check the pullies and stuff
  10. May have missed it but what paint did you use for the alternator bracket and power steering bracket? how did you sand blast them? I think the older we get, the more little dumb **** like this annoys us. I'm in the process of fixing/cleaning/removing a bunch of stuff as well.
  11. It's high temp engine paint. Aluminum is the color. I did the pulley in black and then I used high temp clear coat on everything afterwards. Everything was taken off the car and disassembled

    I had a buddy sandblast the parts for him. I just provided him the parts all disassembled and he took care of it in a blasting cabinet. When i got them back, i wiped them down with alcohol, and then prepped the parts using the "metal ready" prep that comes with POR-15. I had a ton of it left over. Vinegar will do the same thing to "etch" the parts so the paint will stick better. Then i sprayed a few coated and let dry a day or two.

    I didn't paint the WP or the alt, but the color is close. If i yank the engine out, EVERYthing is getting painted. I'd prob replace all the hardware with zinc coated hardware as well.

    Anyway, i did a few more things today. I hooked the smog tube up to the Hpipe, and gave the car an oil change so i could replace the leaking oil sender gasket. It was hard and brittle, so def was overdue changing it. It was leaking badly enough to start coating the underside in oil. So i spent about 45 mins wiping it all down. Also installed two new oil pan gaskets as well. Believe it or not, i've never changed the gaskets. They sealed fine..until now. They could be original to 1988 for all i know. So now two new pan gaskets and oil sender gasket..should be good I hope.

    Also found my PS low pressure hose leaking. Guess when i took the pumo out, i must have loosened it a bit where it connects to the cooler down before, because I found it leaking a small puddle from there. The clamp was rusted so i couldn't tighten it. Had to cut the hose off. Will have to get another one and two new clamps. Should have did this in the beginning.

    I also decided to reinstall the SN95 fan, but with a black summit catch can bottle. No more big red bottle. Gonne fab up some new mounting brackets and bolt it on. Should be it under the hood.

    I'll prob change the tranny fluid. I had a leaking VSS that i fixed, so i prob lost 1/2 a quart. Even though i only drive 600 miles, i'll just change the fluid since the trans is a fresh rebuild.

    After that, car goes back on the ground and it will almost be spring!
  12. Okay,few more goodies. Nothing really major, but this is a progress thread so gotta update with what i'm doing.

    I ordered:

    -My lugnuts for the polished GT wheels. I wanted to go with an internal style lug.

    -Summit black coolant replace the red one in there now

    -My e-fan is cleaned up and painted satin black so it will look new. New brackets and the new black bottle.

    -New PS return hose and rack to cooler hose. I should have ordered the main feed hose as well, but didn't. Oh time.

    -10 Oil pan drain gaskets only because they were 40 cents each and I needed some. Figured i might as well stock up. For $4 who can complain

    So this weekend i'm gonna replace the PS hoses with new clamps so everything is tight and leak free, and work on getting the SN95 fan mounted back up. If i have time, i'll do a trans fluid change as well.

    Unfortunately, gotta hold off on the tires for now :(


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  13. where did you get those allen-keyed lugs from? ive been so frustrated with fitting a socket inside the lug hole on my saleen wheels ive been thinking about getting rid of them, but ive never seen the allen keyed lugs before, and it would make life sooooooooooo much easier
  14. looks awesome....Nice work...:nice:
  15. Okay, for the sake of showing the finished product, i painted the fan flat black and installed a BLACK summit racing catch bottle. Some of you will remember i had the red one on.

    SO, engine is done for now. Anything else I do will be when i yank the engine out...soon I hope.

    Bad damn Rear Main Seal is leaking! It's got 600 miles on it and is a Ford part! Grrr.. Anyway it's just a slow seep it seems, not gonna worry too much about it, but still WTF I just replaced it! I HATE oil leaks. I just replaced the two oil plug seals and the low oil fluid sensor gasket as well to try to eliminate leaks. :mad:

    BTW, i also discovered my 15" spare tire will not clear the rear cobra i need to find a bigger spare now


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  16. Looks good Mike! Definitely like the black catch can better then the red.

    Why not run a full size spare??

  17. That's what I put for now. I am using a spare bullitt wheel with tire. When i had my '03 GT, i picked up so i can use it if i go on any long distance trips to use vs using a space saver.

    Just in the fox, it sticks up too far and make the carpet look like it has a hump. Plus i rarely go far with the car, so i would rather lug a space saver.

    I heard S197 spares are 17" and fit. :shrug:
  18. its a ford, its what they do...

    its all in the installation, get it a tiny bit off on the alignment or depth off a little (or enough wear in the crank), it will leak.
  19. So i decided to go with BBK Long tubes.....

    Spied this on Craigslist for cheap. Barely even used..the inside is still clean and soot-free. Was cheap enough so i picked it up even though I'll more than likely go with cats. At least I have it...and i can always sell it for what I paid easily. I'll prob paint it up with some high temp exhaust paint.

    Scouting around for some BBK 1 5/8 ceramic shorties for sale locally before I pull the trigger on ordering them new from Summit.

    These should go well in making torque along with my GT-40P's.


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