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  1. I am planning on doing the entire underside and in the fenderwells with it. I got the regular flat black. I'm also going to do the rear end.

    Right now, i only have the area from the mufflers back stripped and ready to go. My plan is to paint it up, and then reinstall everything else back into place. When i do my T-5 swap, i'll paint the remaining half of the car.

    The quart might be all i need for now. My gas tank is full of gas, so i'll drop it at a later date to paint under it and paint the straps and tank cover. So right now my working area isn't that large.

    I was also considering painting inside the spare tire well with this stuff.

    I'll just stick with the area that the rear end once occupied for now. Hopefully i can get it done this weekend.
  2. I went through 3 quarts of POR 15 with Hack Job. Mostly because I brushed most of the thing so that ate up a lot of paint using the brush. You'll get farther with spraying it. I sprayed the underside, then brush the entire inside, the trunk, lower core support, the insides of the front fenders and the quarter wells.

    WEAR BIG GLOVES! This crap doesn't come off easy. Wear some eye goggles to. This stuff stuck to my concatc lenses...I've never had that happen with BC/CC.:eek:
  3. I don't have the means to spray so i'll have to brush it on. But like i said, i'm not doing the entire car, so a quart may be all i need for now.

    I'll pick up more as i need it.

    WHat brush works best? Bristle brush or foam brush?
  4. I agree. Buy as needed because it's expensive. I would use a quality brush. I bought the "3 for 1 dollar" brushes....JUNK....Many of the bristles starting pulling out. Just any 2 or 3 inch brush, or wider. The foam brush held too much at a time and made it drip off the car onto the ground. 1 year later...that stuff is still there.:rlaugh: Tough chit man....I'm telling ya.
  5. What's a good high temp exhaust paint??

    I think this weekend, i'll work on my MC and PV clean-up, rebleed the brakes (then cap the rear line) and then let the fuel and brake lines hang, sand them up and paint them with silver high-temp paint.

    I also want to clean up my exhaust and paint it with silver/grey high temp paint. Any suggestions? or any high temp should work like the duplicolor spray paints?
  6. boy your alittle ahead of me on the rebuild i plan on dropping my rear end tomorrow and then it will be a complete shell.the only thing i need to figure out is how i am going to haul it to my friends shop to sandblast underneath it.i will be doing the por 15 thing as well but i am curious i was going to spray all the bare metal with self-etching primer first then purchase some por 15 and start brushing it on.let me know how yours goes since your ahead of me and i still need to probably build some kind of skid with wheels to haul the body on.
  7. try these companies out. I know of people that have used both and loved the product. the first link offers a stainless steel color.

    Hirsch Automotive Products-EXHAUST AND MANIFOLD COATING

    High Temperature Automotive Spray Paint - Alvin Products, Manufacturer of High Temperature Automotive Spray Paint
  8. Got a little bit more done today. I finished the steering wheel install.

    Write-up is here

    That wraps up the interior for now. I know i need to change my red seatbelts, but i need to pull the interior quarter panels out and i said the next time i rip my interior apart, i'm taking it all out to do sound deadener. I don't want to do that at this time, so the red belts stay. I do have the black belts though.

    Under the car, i removed and sandblasted all remaining clips and brackets. I also sanded down the existing fuel and brake lines and spray painted them grey with rust-proof paint. I'm not building a concourse-quality car so i didn't want to start replacing every single line and bracket on the car.

    Next weekend, i hope to start POR-15'in the rear area.

    Some interior finish pics....again



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  9. Mike, the car is looking awsome. Love the steering wheel :nice:.
  10. man that steering wheel looks soooooo much better than the stock pos. are the 99+ wheels the same as the earlier sn95's? i think the dark charcoal would go better with my interior if i decide to do this too, espically with my 35th anv. seats.
  11. Yes, steering wheel is the same from 1994 to 2004. The colors are different and the leather wrap is slightly different.
  12. Some stuff sandblasted and waiting for paint.

    Sway bar is being painted and will be powdercoated red. It's about the only suspension component i will be reusing. The UCA's and LCA's went into the trash.



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  13. Some new parts

    90-93 Black pullshade. Been looking for one for a while. Picked it up today.

    I need one mounting clip that screws to the interior panel though. If anyone has one, PM me. WOuld prefer black but if you have another color i might go for it just to get it in.

    Also, got some SS brake lines for the rear axle. They are for a '93 Cobra, but i hope they work with 94+ Cobra disk brakes.



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  14. damn. if you still can get them back pm me.
  15. I think I might have one of the clips, but I'm not sure which one it is. I looked through some of my parts when I noticed you were missing one in your pic earlier in the week. If i find it, I'll let you know.

  16. I actually really do still have them. Figure of speech. PM sent

  17. I actually think they are universal and can be swapped side to side. If you have one let me know! :nice:
  18. Some misc stuff under the rear sandblasted, primed and painted up


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  19. dumb question... does POR-15 have a really strong smell? having never smelled it I wouldn't know... I was considering doing something similar to my car when i change the carpet out, except i wanted to POR-15 the floor pans on the interior as well as on the underbody like Matt did on hackjob... would the smell in the interior be really noticeable even after the paint dried?

    thanks, Chris :nice:
  20. POR15 doesn't smell that I recall. Once it's dried its as hard as a rock.