Mustangs Across America plans for 2014 driving event

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  1. It’s time to think about warmer temperatures, Ford Mustang fans. Why is that? Because as of this post, there’s some serious arctic air settled upon much of the country, and to maintain any sort of sanity while chattering your teeth, you have got to think of something enjoyable to look forward to soon. So what better thing to think of than driving around in your Mustang, right? What about a road trip? Those are always solid…and 2014 holds the place for the Mustangs Across America driving event, spanning the entire US, from the west to east coast. This cross country Mustang cruise will kick off in California and end in North Carolina, with strong participation and fan following the entire way.
    Want to know more about what’s coming up this year? Keep reading to get the skinny from the Press Release, following.
    Press Release

    Mustangs Across America announces 2014 driving event
    January 23rd, 2013
    Phoenix, AZ: Mustangs Across America has been a driving force in the Mustang hobby for 20 years, planning epic cross country journeys in conjunction with the large Mustang Anniversary Celebrations. Cross country road trip events have become a traditional part of the five year ritual in celebrating the big birthdays of Ford’s pony car.
    In the past year, many conversations and debates have come and gone about the Mustang 50th Anniversary and how the Mustang Club of America’s two-show strategy would affect this traditional part of the Mustang celebration. Whether a Mustangs Across America driving event for the 2014 50th Anniversary celebration would happen has been in doubt.
    After much consideration, Mustangs Across America announces that a cross country driving event will take place in April of 2014 in celebration of the Mustang 50th Anniversary. An announcement will be made on February 1st, 2013 with details of the route and registration will open for the cross country drive.
    The Mustangs Across America 50th Anniversary drive will take place in the week leading up to the big birthday celebration and will arrive at the Charlotte, NC venue of the Mustang Club of America’s 50th Mustang Anniversary Celebration.
    As many groups and driving events are already in planning by the Mustang Club of America and the Great American Pony Drive, it must be made clear that the Mustangs Across America 50th Anniversary Drive is a separate and complimentary option for Mustang enthusiasts looking to travel to the celebration.
    Mustangs Across America will be working to assure Mustang Club of America and Great American Pony drive plans are not in parallel competition. The goal of the Mustangs Across America 50th Anniversary drive is to bring as many enthusiasts as possible to the celebration, giving those who want a cross country adventure an option.
    “The Mustang 50th Anniversary will be the largest celebration of Mustang enthusiasm in history”, says event coordinator Sam Haymart. “There is room for everyone’s vision in this grand celebration, room for all Mustang enthusiasts to follow their own road maps to the big show of their choice”.
    The Mustangs Across America 50th Anniversary Drive will share elements of previous events as well as bring new locations and routes for the journey to Charlotte, NC. “Our event has always sought to be the Mustang drive of a lifetime”, adds Haymart. “While the destination will mirror our very first event in 1994, we will always seek to take the journey someplace new”.
    Mustangs Across America is an event organizing group that has been in existence since 1993 when the first drive went to the Mustang’s 30th Anniversary Celebration, traveling from Sacramento, CA to Charlotte, NC. The group of enthusiasts have worked with Ford Motor Company, Mustang Club of America as well as Mustang clubs and corporate sponsors for 20 years in bringing their events to enthusiasts.
    An official announcement for the Mustangs Across America 50th Anniversary Drive will be posted on their website February 1st and registration will be opened for the event.

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