Mustangs are Death Chariots in the rain, its Amazing

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Craig Mack, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. Is it just me or do Mustangs absolutely SUCK in bad weather conditions? I miss the safety of my Maxima in bad weather, and have taken it for granted thats for sure. Even though it was supercharged and modded, the FWD drivetrain was much more forgiving in the rain.

    Well, now I have my '97 Mustang Cobra. It is downright SCARY to drive in the rain. There have been a handfull of times now in the couple months i've owned it where I totally lost control. One time I did a 180 and veered into the median and onto the other side of the 4 lane road. Thank God no one was coming or I would have been toast. The thing is, I wasn't flooring it, or anything close, it was ~%50 throttle at the most in 2nd gear with the stock gearing at low rpm. I get soo scared, because once your in a tailspin the Mustang doesn't forgive. Not only that, but it seems like it wants to break the rear end loose, I can't give it more then 20% throttle input during rainy weather, or the rear end starts dancing.

    Are all RWD cars like this? I know for sure my dads 2k4 4runner and my moms 2k4 G35 handle MUCH better in the rain. I literally fear for my life sometimes on the highway, becuause if I'm giving too much throttle input, even if its in 5th gear lugging along, and I hit a road imperfection, I would be screwed. (or at least it feels that way) I drive like a grandma in the rain now, and can't help what would happen if I gave it too much gas on impulse, and pwned myself. Scary thought.

    So, what are yall's take on this? My car corners extremely flat, balanced, and grips like mad with the help of my kumho's, handles almost as well as my moms g35 on smooth surfaces. BUT, it seems like Ford didnt put any thought into safety features in the suspension for hazardous weather.
  2. I got used to it real quick. No throttle on turns (cruise through) and no quick accel.

    I have no troubles now. :shrug:
  3. i use to have no problems, but then again i live in good weather :D
  4. Yah, i'm getting used to it, but haven't adjusted totally. I was probably at the 300whp mark untuned with my Vortech @10psi in the Max, but it was still very tame in the rain. Obviously with the FWD, there was no spinning the car around.

    I love my Cobra to death, love owning a Muscle car, its awesome...but it's going to take time to get used to driving in the rain. It's the times that I forget its a RWD stang and give it throttle in the rain and break the rear end loose that scares me...the impulse becuase of owning a max for 2 1/2 years.
  5. I know better and dog my car all the time in the rain. It's even nasty sometimes in the dry cold weather with tire spin. :nonono:
  6. I can't imagine the hell you go through with your blown Cobra. I'm getting my stang pretty fast with the gears and exhaust soo far, but its still no '03 sir, are a brave man. :flag:
  7. Man I hear you. I just got my cobra about one month ago. It's scary driving in the rain with gears at speed. I usually cruise at about 60mph on the highway now. To make matters worse, snow should be coming next week. Time to steal mom's car. No way I'm taking this thing out in snow and ice.

    I'm with you, I came from a fwd integra. With good visibility, I could drive 85mph in the rain with no hestitation at all. The potenzas also had a lot to do with it. I guess just be careful and watch out for other drivers. My best friend lost control of his 02 ss and it took a good $9k in damage.

    Btw, do you have any pictures of your car with the 18" 03 rims on there? Thanks and take care.

  8. You aren't driving a Nissan anymore - now you actually have torque :D
  9. lol. The "fastest" car I got to race was a modded (loud as SIN) LT1 6spd Z28. I put a car on it from a 40mph everytime. It was a fast little bugger, but my stang is definately more fun!

    Interspy24: Sure, here are some pics:


    When I first got them, (295/35/18 kumho MX's in the rear) they looked wide as HELL. They have since shrank, I am almost positive. They look an inch thinner on each tire. Either I am losing psi in the tires or eating the hell out of the sidewalls, because they are not the same. They looked soo aggressive at first, now they just look like 9.5"s. I'm going down to Discount Tire Co. where I bought them to have a talk with the guys about this.

    The actual rims are sweet though, they have good build quality. I just need to lower my stang desperately.
  10. My sister went to that school, got to drive a Viper too. I have never went. But, all the skill in the world won't help you if your stang has taken control of itself if you know what I mean.

    I think the best skill is self control and to keep reminding myself what kind of car I am now driving.
  11. Takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it your ok. Just dont start daydreaming cause I did that once and almost went sideways in traffic :nice:
  12. I drive fast in rain, I just keep the revs down :p
  13. I think just the opposite. I could drive at 4000rpm all day long in the rain, as long as I feather the gas, and I would be perfectly safe. On the other hand, if I pound the gas at 2000rpm, I will go sideways.
  14. Cars don't suck, drivers suck. :nice:

    The car will only do what you tell it to. Go too hard into a corner, or too much gas in the middle of one.......well I guess you know what the outcome is. It's the responsibility of the driver to know where those points are.
  15. Feather gas at 2k too...
  16. It was just a joke...and BTW, your car looks awesome :nice:
  17. You are spoiled. Try driving your Cobra in the snow. :fuss:

  18. Mmm sounds like you miss your Maxima? I have no problems in the rain. Sure, I don't drive a Cobra, but I've got a GT with 4.10's and other mods and have no probs in the rain. I've even got the Kumhos on the stock rims.
  19. I only had problems the first day i got the GT... unused to the power i had a hell of a ride on a Merry Go Round in the middle of a busy intersection... no damage

    now... no problems in the rain. i don't even take it out in the snow tho...