Mustangs are good for the economy

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  1. 4,216.83

    I save reciepts and thats just for parts. Add in labor and......

    6,486.72 is the grand total with parts and labor

    You guys should try a reef tank if you think this is expensive.

    Reef tank total: roughly around 9,000 since i started. Thats right 9k on fish and coral.
  2. Lets see:

    cowl hood $399
    steeda tri-ax - $120
    magnaflow catted x - $400 with shipping
    magnaflow catback - $360

    A little over $1200 in just that crap yay:rlaugh:
  3. A little bit here, a little bit there. It all adds up, pretty quick too.
  4. You said insurance paid for that, so I dont think you can include it ;)

    :D maybe just your deductable


    Ive only had mine for a few months so far, so my list is short
    Deep Dish Bullitts $649
    Front tires $280
    Rear tires $540

  5. YES I WIN SO FAR LOL! to scared to put how much i spent though:( but wont take it back for the world. money spent on mods:( but the feeling of being stuck to your seat at wot PRICELESS!!!!
  6. DAMN IT didnt see the 26k dude! dont think i have spent that much but close lol!
  7. These are estimates. These numbers are for parts only, and don't include installation fees on stuff that I didn't or couldn't do myself. This is an entire history, I kinda went with some entry level stuff to begin with but upgraded later. Items marked with an asterisk were either given to me or sold from a friend.

    MAC cold air intake 190
    BBK throttle body 200
    C&L MAF* 100
    K&N Air Filter* 0
    Accufab Plenum 190
    JBA headers 700
    Magnaflow Xpipe 400
    Magnaflow Catback 400
    Steeda Tri-Ax 190
    King Cobra clutch 180
    Screamin Demon Coil packs 100
    MAC underdrive pullies 90
    Livewires 80

    Full Steeda G Trac suspension 2300

    2003 Cobra front and rear brake upgrade kit with CD and slotted rotors in front 550
    Aluminum driveshaft 200
    Traction Lok 31 spline differential 200
    Moser 31spline axles 250
    FRPP 4.10 gears 190

    2003 Mach 1 motor 3000
    SLP Longtube headers 800
    SLP shorty X-pipe with cats 250
    24lb injectors/ADJ fuel pressure regulator with gauge 150
    JBA Plug wires 70
    Steeda Underdrive pullies* 0
    JLT true cold air intake with stock cobra MAF* 0
    New radiator 110

    2001 Cobra Wheels* 400
    Black 1998 GT taillights 120
    1998 Cobra headlights 90
    Black Vinyl inserts on bumber20

    The grand total is $11,520. Again, these are estimates and I'm not sure what the price for some of the stuff was but everything is pretty much correct.:spot: