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  1. From the FORD Mustang Club Center...

    Mustang has been the No. 1 car in film, performing in more than 500
    starring roles - more than any other automobile.
    Ford and Hollywood celebrate 40 years of Mustang with a special movie
    Mustang collection on display during Oscars weekend.

    HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Feb. 24, 2004 - If the Oscars had a Lifetime Achievement
    Award for Best Vehicle, the award would have to go to the Ford Mustang.

    This spring, Ford and legions of fans from around the world will celebrate
    movie star Mustang's 40th birthday. In its long tenure as America's
    favorite muscle car, Mustang has performed in more than 500 starring roles
    on the silver screen - more than any other automobile.

    In honor of Mustang's 40th anniversary and the 76th annual Academy Awards,
    Ford has put together a special collection of superstar Mustangs for
    display around Tinseltown during Oscars weekend and at Ford's own Oscars
    party on Sunday, Feb. 29.

    While the stars schmooze, sip "Ford blue" martinis and stroll the "Ford
    Blue" carpet to the La Dolce Vita restaurant in Beverly Hills - Ford's
    Oscars Party takes place - they will also get a taste of classic Mustang

    The collection features the following Mustangs:
    The all-new 2005 Mustang: Ford's newest muscle car combines a new,
    fully modern architecture with all the soul that makes a Mustang a
    Mustang - bold style, a brawny engine and rear-wheel-drive
    performance. Every inch of the 2005 Mustang is new, yet it staunchly
    remains the genuine article - "America's Car."
    1968 GT 390 from "Bullitt": With Steve McQueen at the wheel of his
    Fastback Mustang, the vehicle star of this police drama defined the
    chase scene and created an indelible image in the minds of millions
    that helped define the image of cool for the late '60s and early
    Saleen: This 2001 Lipstick Red Saleen S281 supercharged Mustang coupe
    starred in 2003's high-adrenaline adventure flick "2 Fast, 2
    Classic 1966: Fans of 2001's "The Princess Diaries" will fondly
    remember the transformation of Mia's "baby" - her classic but beat up
    1966 Mustang convertible - from caterpillar to butterfly, which
    parallels the change in the young woman from an awkward, shy teenager
    to a confident, beautiful princess.
    "Eleanor": The awesome modified 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 dubbed
    Eleanor was central to the exciting plot of the 2000 hit movie "Gone
    in 60 Seconds" starring Nicholas Cage and ignited the passions of
    legions of Shelby Mustang fans.

    The Mustang legend was made on the streets of America and cemented on the
    big screen, where it has been the No. 1 car in starring roles in film since
    the 1960s. Through a mixture of tire smoke, growling V-8s and Hollywood
    stalwarts, Mustang has been forever entwined with American popular culture.
    But Mustang isn't all about action. It also helps to define an era, which
    is why Mustang has been an important part of such a wide variety of movies.

    From spotlight to cameo, Mustangs have been in so many films that
    enthusiasts have made a sport of spotting them on the big screen. For some
    unofficial movie lists put together by Mustang fans, check out, and

    No. 1 with a 'Bullitt'
    If Mustang could win an Oscar, it would undoubtedly be for its starring
    role in the 1968 police drama "Bullitt."

    "When Steve McQueen raced the Mustang in the chase scene, he probably had
    no idea that it was the making of a legend," says Jan Valentic, vice
    president, Global Marketing. "The Ford Mustang has appeared in more movies
    than most of Hollywood's brightest stars."

    In "Bullitt," Steve McQueen races through the streets of San Francisco in a
    1968 Mustang GT 390, creating one of the greatest chase scenes ever. In
    2001, Ford introduced a special edition Mustang Bullitt GT inspired by the
    classic Warner Bros. Pictures film.

    High-tech 2005 model recalls its roots
    Since its dramatic 1964 introduction, the Ford Mustang has been an icon of
    American performance and style, capturing hearts worldwide. For 2005, the
    new Ford Mustang combines all-new, high-tech touches with many references
    to Mustang spirit and heritage.

    The pairing of an all-new platform and clean-sheet approach to styling was
    central to the 2005 Mustang's design team's mission to create a Mustang
    boasting the "old school" swagger that personified cars of the late 1960s,
    but with the capability to carve out a new niche of its own. Designers
    wallpapered Ford studios with images of classic Mustangs and movie tough
    guys for inspiration, leading to the innovative new Mustang's place as one
    of the cornerstones of Ford's "Year of the Car" in 2004.
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