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  1. "Wife Unit" and I have been wanting to ride down the Blue Ridge Parkway to Mabry Mill but seems every weekday we are one tother working and weekends seem full ..... but today we got going late morning, stopped at 7-11 and coffeed up, and headed out south on the BRP.
    Gorgeous day it was today too! We made several stops, planned more, and since I got my license in 1970 and the hundred plus times I had driven the BRP, I had never before stopped at the cemetery there at Adney Gap .... so today I did.


    The dates and names tell a story ....

    We took a bunch of pictures, several hundred all tolled ..... but I digress. A short ways down the roadway from Adney Gap is a beautiful church, for a number of years the preacher here was Preacher Camp and he drove to and from Lewisburg, Wva. to tend this church. He once was up in Clifton Forge, and he and my wife's uncle Elmon married us in 1979.

    So anyway .... after severl stops for pics, I am on a long straight section and just about 1/4 mile behind me I see what looks like a red 65-66 Mustang pop into view, followed by more Mustangs it looks like. They were strung out and after a few miles, they suddenly were there no more, I guess they stopped or slowed up a lot?
    Down near but north of Rocky Knob, I went around a left hander and pulled off into the grass away from the roadway to take a few photos, this being just one

    ...... and after a couple 3 minutes, here come these cars around the curve .... in this order even. Notice the wave!








    I thought they were all past and turned to take a parting shot:


    ..... and walked up beside our car towards the front ..... and I then heard a horn and was turning back to see who was blowing when I caught this one passing (waving) and the rest .....



    That was all of them .... we headed south, and stopped at the closed up info station at Rocky Knob ....

    Mabry Mill was busy, so we rode on down to Orchard Gap 20 miles on and turned around and came back .... and met several of those same Mustangs .... they must have parked in a back lot because we looked for them at Mabry Mill and Meadows of Dan. We stopped again at Mabry Mill and used the facilities, I bought a book, and we inquired about wait for meal .... lady estimated a 2 hour wait for a seat in the restaurant, I wanted some Buckwheat Pancakes and Apples but didn't have the time.

    We stopped at "Our Favorite" overlook where there's a picnic table and views of Roanoke and Franklin County, maybe Floyd to far right. I didn't think y'all would care for pics of valleys, so I went on and took a picture of Buffalo Mountain and we eventually stopped in Roanoke at "The Roanoker Resturaunt" for a great supper .... and swung through a DQ on 460 on the way home for a cone.

    A great fun day!

    Wonder who that group was .... all had Va. Tags as you can see. The one Mustang with no frt tag still has a Va. Inspection Sticker.

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