Mustangs To Fear Fiberglass Nose

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  1. Any thoughts on how this would look on a '65 coupe without the rest of the eleanor kit, except maybe the lower side scoops? I figure I may have to replace both headlight buckets, front valance, and bumper, I'm most of the way there. I love the look of Rally lights, and have been trying to figure out how to put them on the stock grille opening.
  2. It seems to look like a very nice piece as far as the construction goes. I would ask them if they have installed pictures on customers cars to get a better idea on whether you will like the final product.
  3. Stang with Air-splitter.JPG

    I just installed a Maier Racing Front Apron with a Hide-away license plate; so the plate does Not restirct air-flow to the radiator...
  4. Looks good. Like the hide away plate, since we have to have the damn things in Virginia, too.
  5. No front plate on my California car.
    Some times you need to question authority.