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  1. I just got my NEW mustangs unlimited catalog. It lists ( get this) 74-08 mustang parts & accessories!

    I thumbed through it and they have weatherstrips,cobra stickers, quarter skins ,stripe kits,and all sorts of underhood stickers( emmissions,tire pressure,battery test OK,you name it) Great for a serious resto project. The stickers are even year specific, not generic.

    Could it be ,that the II's are finally being taken seriously? Gotta go, need to order some underhood decals!:nice:
  2. They've had that stuff in their catalog for like 10-12 years now:D
  3. seriously? I never saw it . I will have to scratch up an old catalog and check it out. :stupid:
  4. I got my old catalog out and I always recieved the 65-73 mustang catalog. I guess ya learn something new every day. Now I feel dumber than a trout bitin' on a rubber cricket!:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  5. ok, so their loaded down with stickers...but where's all the performance parts...I wanna see a super charger kit! and wheels...good grief all the wheels in the new catalog and how many fit the II? we're so unappreciated in this world! :mad:
  6. II owners dig their own graves. They are a double standard. They want new parts but they don't want to shell out the money for them. They want better parts for what's available, but they don't want to pay better money. You can't expect any company to make parts for people that don't spend money, and that own cars that are in such small numbers (compared to other years).

    It's been like this for years. Sad, but true.
  7. No doubt that very few MII owners are financially prepared to do a bare-metal restoration like you see with the earlier Mustangs. But without standard replacement items like gas tanks and dash pads, such a restoration would be difficult or impossible anyway.

    I think that most MII owners in the midst of a repair or restoration would pay a fair price for these items. I think that $300 gas tanks and $150 dash pads would sell at least as well as the same items for the 1971-1973 Mustangs.

    So where's the aftermarket love?

    It all comes down to letting the vendors such as Mustangs Unlimited know that there is a market out there. I once tried to estimate the market numbers for a gas tank manufacturer and came up with around 3000 MII's in enthusiasts' hands. This was taking into account the number of unique cars on the MII .ORG and .NET web sites and a fudge factor for the "silent majority" of owners that go to local or MCA car shows but don't "do" the Internet. Unfortunately the manufacturer was not impressed.

    From the Mustangs Unlimited website:

    They list the contact e-mail as: [email protected]

    So let Mustangs Unlimited know what you want and how much you would pay for it. E-mail or call their sales department.

    Something that would be helpful would be on-line petitions for the vaious parts we need. It would need to be relatively accurate and would require some sort of identifier for each "signee" (e-mail address?). A separate list for each part would give a vendor some sort of guarentee that the market did exist for that part. Just a thought...
  8. one of the reasons there are so many parts available for some of the other stuff is because the same headers fit every small block chevy chevelle, malibu, elcamino, monte carlo from about 1965 to 1988. Not to mention the other General stuff from the same platforms, and the easily adaptable stuff (like putting S10 spindles on your Vega and using a willwood 4 piston caliper for a Malibu). This makes for a huge market that alot of folks have thrown their hat in. Just about Every ford engine and chassis combo has it's own quirks... 302 headers don't work on a 351 (any of them) or a BOSS 302, a 460 just doesn't fit most places and if you get it in there it's a struggle, and who can afford the SOHC? Don't see alot of Rangers with a 428 Jet based mill in them do you? How many S10's have you seen with some form of big block Chevy (even the occasional Olds 455!)?

    Ordinarily those who want to be thrifty pull the 83 malibu wagon out of the barn and $1500 later they have a quick killer machine that's kind of neat. Those who want to be different buy an AMC. We want both so we dusted off the MII and started engineering our own parts, and making stuff fit by calling on our buddies that are handy with a bench grinder and a sawzall.

    Check out some of the other message boards and see what they discuss. Fox body guys all talk about the best price to performance ratio of the bolt on parts in their 500 page catalogs. 50 replies later they are bashing each other for buying brand x parts instead of genuine Saleen body kits, or whatever.

    We talk about "Here's what I want to do, do you think this will fit" and 50 replies later you have a really good list of stuff other folks have tried and had varied success with, but never really do get an answer because there just isn't one. "I got this to work but here's what I had to do to it" is not uncommon to us at all.

    I like it here. I think I'll stay, and if any of you know where I can get a repop targa band for a T-top car let me know. I won't pay a cent more than $32 tho, because I am a MII owner and that's just the way we are. LOL :D :flag: :cheers: :rock:
  9. How true, how so very true. I stuffed a 289 in my 74. There again nothing fit. Had to make alot of stuff. I see your point with the gm crowd too. I always said GM stood for generic motors cause 1 part will fit 7 cars and span 9yrs. This is where the FOX stang comes to play. It has been called the 57 chevy of it's era. With so many parts that interchange,swap and span alot of years,who wouldn't want something that is easy( like a chevy)When I started driving I liked Ford cause the distributor was up front, where you could work on it ( points!) unlike the gm's crammed against the firewall. Anyway Ford always doomed themselves for having so many specific things. Like the 04 f-150 for example, they sold the new and old body style the same year.( are they trying to confuse us?) That which does not kill us though makes us stronger and I believe the Ford crowd works harder which makes us a little better than the clown sucking on a budweiser with the # 3 hat on. Not to bash anyone but I get tired of going to car shows and having to scour all the nooks and cranny's for a part that " SHOULD FIT" while tripping all over chevy parts. WOW, I just tooted my horn, now its time to settle in for the Holiday. Piss on the political correctness, I am going to wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope to see you all at the shows and on here next year. MAtt