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  1. Its Dec. 5th and it was over 60* here today. So I started thinking about how the weather was last year.

  2. I don't get it.
  3. Look at those big ass wings!!!!!

  4. HaHa, I have a funny picture somehwere of my car like that! Trying to dig it out I got tired when I had it cleaned from the front bumper to the doors, so I hopped in and just drove it around the the plowed parking lot next to my house so the snow would fall off. :nice:
    I must have been 55* here, which was like a heat wave, we grilled outside the dorm b/c someone has a lot of money left on their food plan and bought 50 burgers, rolls, etc. Then they watched the Eagles game (that was my cue to leave)!

    Go Carolina! 4 game winning streak biotch!
  5. eagles like boston, as in NCAA? If so i was at the game yesterday vs UCLA :)
  6. Eagles as in Philly, my bad. College games are great to go to. I went to West VA game back in September b/c I know the back up QB and he got us tickets. He'll be nasty next year ... just wait! Anyways, one side of the stadium would yell, "LET'S GO" and the other would yell, "MOUNTAINEERS!"
    It was pretty awesome.
  7. You know charles hales? Interesting...

    Yeah mountaineer fans can get loud :) I just wish they woulda done a little better this year. They SHOULDA beat BC and Pitt. Course now they're going to the gator bowl...where they're gonna get creamed by the Seminoles. I love the 'eers, but they choke every time they get in a bowl. Maybe they'll prove me wrong this year.
  8. thats form the big snow we had a while back thats all you could see of my car and the black one :)
  9. No I know Adam Bednarik, he's a Redshirt Freshman this year. The game I went to (a blowout against ECU) Bednarik played more than Hale at the end ... Hale is the Senior right?
    Well, either way, Bednarik will be nasty next year! :nice:
  10. Doh, that's right, Hales is a senior. I forgot about that.
  11. thanks for clearing that up. :nice:
  12. When I was there, they put Hales in for one series, which ended up being one play because KayJay Harris had a 70 or so yard TD run. After that, Bednarik played the next 5 or so drives to end the game. I just said Bednarik was the back up because of that and he calls in the plays from the sidelines, HaHa it's funny to see someone you know on TV like that. He's on constantly b/c he stands next to Rodriguez.
  13. hmmmm, you wont be seeing that snow much in NC will you?
  14. I'm guessing its not likely :nonono: Snow is great until it gets that deep.

    I have a picture of us sleigh riding through the field at about 60mph behind my 72 coronet wagon. What a Ride!
  15. Damn. 70 degrees here today!
  16. It was about 40* today, and rained non-stop the last 2 days. But I got my Blizzaks on yesterday! :D
    Now when it rains I can get on it without losing the back end :nice:

    Old/New pictures next week ...
  17. what are Blizzaks?
  18. Blizzaks, along with most of the other winter tread tires they sell now that claim superior traction in snow and ice, are the ones that have the silica tread compound in the first 50% of the tread. I heard they work pretty well, but it's like driving on marshmallows when it's dry out.

    I'm sticking with my regular snow tires.
  19. well.....time to make the pinto a 4X4
  20. What is the silica tread compound. I didn't hear them not being good in dry weather, but I guess I'll find out.
    I plan on getting some wheels/tires for summer, so if they are bad, no biggie.