1. So, I just got home from the store (cigs for mom). I'm on my way home and I pull up to the stop light. Late model Civic pulls up next to me, one of my old friends from school. Ah the ricer he is, stupid wing on the back, and huge muffler on back of car like most of em. Light goes green, we take off, and I beat him by about two car lengths. Oh the simple joys in life. :D
  2. RoFl, nice kill! :D
  3. Just a side note, even though it doesnt really apply:
    I hate those HUUUUGE wings on those Hondas (or something like it) made in like ... 1983 that could really just be a metal box on wheels.
  4. nice kill :flag:

  5. lots of girls thing those cars are cute, and they also think they are super fast.
  6. hehe....sterotyping is kinda mean...but usualy true when it comes to big-winged hondas...not sure why that is :shrug:
  7. Really? I've never met any :p
  8. The guys who drive them are obviously just trying to accomidate for something ;)