My '01 Snake vs. S2000 punk

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by yz250, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. This dude wants to race my 01 snake (bone stock) against his S2000 (bone stock). Would I not eat his lunch? Thanks bro's.
  2. I think it would be a good race. If he doesn't treat that engine like he stole it then you will have no problem at all.
  3. Honda S2000, huh ? :rlaugh:
    Break out 'da butter knife, 'coz his butt is toast.:owned:

    All sarcasm aside, the stock S2000's sound pretty good once they get above 7000 rpm, but they are the torque-challenged little cousins of the only stock Hondas you might wanna be careful with, the NSX.

    Be sure and wave bye to him for everybody here. :p
  4. EVen if you lose, least your car sounds better, looks better, and is a muscle car

  5. :rlaugh: Stock 99+ GT's hand them their asses, an 01 Cobra would rape the **** out of it :D
  6. Interesting. I raced one back with my 00 GT and it beat me by about a carlength. All I had was a Prochamber, Flows, and a K&N. And he said he had an "intake." Guess that doesn't matter anymore cause one of my buds said he totaled the thing out. :lol:
  7. if both are 5spds it will be a good race!
  8. OFF TOPIC::

    Please tell me WHO that is in your AVATAR!
  9. I would bet that this is a very accurate statement. For him to be formidable, he is going to have to rev that puppy up high, dump the clutch, get good traction and drive the crap out of it to be competitive. Aside from this, I'd say in all likelihood, you'll edge him out unless you blow it. Personally, I think I'd launch conservatively and bank on him being the one who have to play catch-up.

    Good luck and be safe with it.
  10. I agree on it being a good race. Can you please post the results? Everyone talks about these races but we dont hear the outcomes.
  11. race him from a dead stop, his car would be at a bigger disadvantage here.
  12. heh, won't be a "good race", it'll be a beating. Stock for stock, you have no worries.
  13. It can happen. There are some people on this forum don't believe that a 99+ GT vs. S2000 is a driver's race stock for stock, but it is. Either car can win, and it will be close either way.

    Now, a 01 Cobra is a completely different story. Unless you REALLY mess it up (spin like crazy on the launch, or shift to 4th instead of 2nd) and he REALLY nails it, then he's got no chance.
  14. S2000 1/4 mile times stock: 14.2-14.5
    01 Cobra stock times: 13.5-13.8

    Should be no match...the Cobra has 80 more horses, and much more torque...the S2000 are nice cars on a road racetrack, but they only have power above 7500rpm, and it takes them a long time to get up into that part of the band...
  15. Good race my arse. A stock GT and S2K is a good race. A Cobra and an S2K is an asswhoopin'
  16. I raced one starting on a highway entrance ramp he thought he could take me on the twists so he floord it i stated on his ass then when we got on the highway i passed him in second he held with me through third and a peice of fourth then he was no where in sight i waited up he flew by me cutt off like 3 people then i smoked him again
    i got a 99 cobra with intake throttle body hi flo h pipe mac cat back steeda pullies
    he was no prblem at all he was toast
  17. i hope this will make you feel better about the race. i have a 2000 saleen with some upgrades. i raced a guy with a supercharged Honda S2000. I thought i was going to loose bad. He was on the opposite side of the road and he wooped the car around and met me at the light. I was like F**k i'm going to get my ass handed to me. I had my mother-n-law and my girlfriend and the guy had his friend. were at the light he's reving i'm reving and we take off i'm ahead of him in first catches up in 2nd then i double shift and catch him on 3rd then i take him for a ride i was ahead of him by 2 1/2 cars then my mother-n-law starts yelling at me to stop i was proud of my self. he was talking **** to me the whole time saying that i was trying to cut him off when clearly i stayed in my own lane. then i said stop talking **** and lets do it again, once again he got his ass handed to him in a platter. i hope this helps
  18. What's a "double shift"?
  19. Well this is my first post here, but just to let you know, I own a 99 Cobra and my Wife owns a 2001 S2000, and the S2000 is really a fun car to drive and I think it would be a drivers race with a GT, she usually plays catch-up to me but dont underestimate that car. It really doesnt take that long for the car to get up into its high revs, I mean shifting into 5th gear usually has you at about 4500rpms. Hopefully with you owning a Cobra you should leave the S on a straight, just dont mess with them on the twisties
  20. New to the forum, but couldn't resist posting. Run with him from a stop, V8's love it from a dig, he will be toast. Personally, the only car that has come close to my SVT was another 03 SVT and I had him by 5 car lengths at 120, a car like an S2000 is a joke in my eyes, I love my SVT!!! Just an example, I smoked a prowler half way into an S' curve, so I know I can run with the S2000 even with a stock suspension, in the straits, they better have 450rwh or more or I just walk away from them, good luck with your race, you'll smoke em! :cbra: