My '01 Snake vs. S2000 punk

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by yz250, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Not sure if everyone is aware that the S2K is RWD?

    A local guy here has a red one that's supercharged, carbon fiber hood, lowered, 18s. Pretty slick car.

    As mentioned, in your case it could be a driver's race......but we're all going for you.
  2. S2000's are SO overrated!

    Driver's race? Yeah right :rolleyes: A bone stock Cobra will rape it! C'mon, what happened? How bad was the beatng?
  3. Im sure that the S2000 will get beat on a straight by a cobra, I think even the supercharged S's have a hard time breaking into the 12's, so you should be okay. I just figured I would let you know about not taking him up on a offer to race on a road course, I own both of these cars right now so I know you would walk it on the straights and probably get spanked on a road course.
  4. why dont you ever see any turbo s2000's?
  5. riddin in two different S2000's and had both owners open them up. NOT impressed with the get up and go, but man is that thing on RAILS! :eek:
  6. Yeah, I think it's a difference between the weight/balance/quality of a car and just raw horsepower (us).

    It's hard to compare the two.
  7. I used to own a 96 SS camaro auto bone stock and at Fontana Speedaway I had a chance to race one of these cars... Let me tell you it was not a race.......
    I beat him by about 3-4 cars and I would of kept pulling on him.... those cars are a joke...

    Your should probably have around the same power if not more than my old SS so you will humilate him... do it please and post some feedback....
  8. i thought 97 was the first year for the SS :shrug:
  9. 1996 was the first year for the SS and WS6 and were built by SLP for chevy. nice rides... best time was 13.98 bone stock... the cobra should run 13.5 or better I hope you race and humilate him...
  10. you guys underestimate the S2000 as did I. I have a 96 Cobra with full exhaust, pullies, 4.30 gears, CAI. I raced a Stock 2003 S2000 from a dead stop thinking I have the advantage, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear were door to door!! It wasnt till we both hit 4th my torque finally came into play and I pulled 3 cars onl,y in 4th! Fact is that after that if I were to go into 5th he would have flew by me! The same S2000 raced my friends 03GT (Exhaust, CAI) and it was a dead tie twice. We were all shocked, dont forget the S2000 is 2600lbs! Ans it is RWD so a 7000-8000 clutch drop is no prob and it does hook!

  11. I am sorry but 7000-8000 RPM clutch drop the only way it is going to hook is with slicks... other than that he will stay there burning his tires...

    those cars are not impressive at all... I dont underestimate them because they are very underpowered cars... like I said earlier BONE STOCK LT1 SS walked it by 3-4 cars and I would of kept pulling...raced by buddy with an 01 cobra and he walked me by 3-4 cars... so he will humilate this S2000 please do it already and post....
  12. The reason you dont see many turboed s2000 is because they have an already high compression ratio. So having a turbo on there is really hard to keep tuned without blowing up da Vtec
  13. I have raced a few supercharged ones around here. They are doing low 13’s at the track.

  14. I must have imagined when I barely beat one and when the 03 GT tied it. Im impressed for a 4 banger NA to even hang with a V8......

  15. I never said that you were imagining, I was just expressing my experience that I have had with these cars.

    and I still dont believe that 7000-8000 rpm clutch drops, the S2000 will hook... yea ok. just my .02 cents
  16. My point was that they will still launch good. Saying that the S2000 is not impresive at all is also saying the 03GT is not impressive at all. I was very impressed a car with half the displacement was right behind my cobra. A stock S2000 will run high 13's with a good driver. Average drivers run low 14's. This seems to also be the going rate for a stock 96-01 Cobra. Many people have trouble breaking into the 13's with a stock Cobra. Even lets say a good cobra driver runs 13.60's...... Now the same good driver runs 13.90 in the S2000, Thats not impressive? Its not Forced induction, half the displacment. The downside to the S2000 is its almost at its capability, There are barely and mods worth the money.
  17. Well from my experience with S2000's I have only seen them run high 14's and low 15's at Fontana Speedway. If they can run high 13's which I have never seen or heard of then yes that is damn good for a HONDA.

    And yes I think the Cobra and the GT are very good cars all around. I dont know what you mean by average drivers running 14's in a cobra, I have seen alot of Cobras running with or beating LS1's all day long at the track and on the street.
    Two of my buddy's have Cobras one a 97 he runs 13.5 N/A and 12.7 on a 75 shot.
    the other has a 98 and runs 13.2 n/a no gears at fontana speedway.
    And The GT just keeps getting better and better
  18. While only having 2.0L and 240hp is pretty impressive, the S2000 isn't anything special...if it didn't have the ability to rev to 9000RPMs it wouldn't have that 240hp...It still lacks the torque needed to be something special...And if you don't mind driving around at 6000rpm all day, then they are definately the car for you...I think I'd rather have an RX8 with the silky smooth rotary, and room for 2 small passengers if need be...

  19. I agree and by the way very nice car Missouri_guy197 :nice:

  20. With those mods I'd expect you to be very low 13's if not high 12's (gears mainly) and if what you say about S2000's running high 13's to low 14's I'm very surprised it was even a race. :shrug: Do you have longtubes?