Mach 1 My '03 Mach 1 is finally here!!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 34Ford, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. Mine isn't broken in yet either, and it's really difficult.

    Where are you getting precut window tint?

    Shaker looks good too. Enjoy!
  2. Pre-cut tint frustration

    Im not sure Im going to tell where I bought the pre-cut tint at.

    Reason is, I told the dip wads what they can do with their product.

    And after much frustration putting it on and it not turning out like it could have, they gave my money back and I told them I was going to let people know on the forums what a sorry product they sold.
    If you want to risk it do a search on Google for window film and good luck.
    I dont want fellow car lovers to go thru this.

    I have installed tint on 3 cars by buying rolls and cutting it. And I thought pre-cut would be better, but they hadn't cut thru it so I had to do some cutting with a razor.
    And their soap solution was a joke. I ended up sending my wife to buy baby shampoo to use in my spray bottle and it worked like a champ.

    But the damage had been done by then.

    Oh and I told them I need tint for a 03 Mach 1 right. And what do they send me, tint for a V6/GT. I told them the c-pillar glass is like a Bullitt after the fact, then they told me they dont sell tint for either car.

    Bastages!! :bang:

  3. Hey, love the Mach 1.....and i think that the polished shaker scoop looks awesome...Enjoy!!


  4. DOHC 32 Valves hood stickers

    Here is a pair of vinyl stickers I made for the Mach 1. I was hesitant to put them on but I knew they could be removed any time.
    But so far the response from friends and strangers is positive :nice:

    I think it brings out the powerdome hood even more. Makes use of the extra space we have.

  5. Congradulations !! I just bought shadow grey Cobra and I LOVE IT !! Well all I can say is that you made the right decision. The Mach One is truely an American legend. WAY TO GO !!
  6. Thanks Brian,

    Thats a very nice car you have though :nice:

    I have a friend that has a 03 Cobra too. Haven't been in one but I hear they will smoke'em! :D

    Come over to the SVT forums sometime. Im 34Ford over there also.
    I have been going to shows with those guys even though I dont own a Cobra :p

  7. MRT street springs & Tri-ax

    Well I ordered a set of MRT springs from Partshopper here while they had the 5% off for customer appreciation days.
    And I found a Steeda Tri-ax shifter for sale on Blue Oval News for $115 from a Mustang friend, so next week I should have some goodies for the Mach 1.

    But if the nasty weather and salt on the roads dont go away, I may never get to try them out.
    Shes in the garage with a car cover on. :nice:

    And I may wait on installing the shifter till we see if Tremec and Ford decides to put out a tsb on our 3650's.

    But I know they will be on way before the 40th in Nashville:spot:


  8. Great looking 34 Ford, Dennis and Merry Chirstams and Happy New Year to you :nice:
  9. Hope you had a merry Christmas also. :nice:

    Oh almost forgot. I plan to be at the FFW in Bristol next year also.
    And I might go to the "SVT Cobra's Club May 22, 2004, Charlotte, NC - Young Ford's
    SVT, Mustang, and Ford Show"

    SCMC Events

  10. I'll be at broth at those shows I see you there :nice: