My 1970 Mustang project - Frame/Floorpan/Subframes.

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  1. Well I got tired of looking at the bad beads so I redid the two back panels and added a few more beads to the front one.

  2. Its been a while. I just took some pictures and I'm going to update my thread too. Good work.

  3. yeah, redoing the two panels kinda pissed me off so I decided to take a break and I am still recovering from the IRS payment..... Progress shall resume in a week or two, I am going on vacation this weekend....
  4. I read IRS and got all excited (Independent Rear Suspension). Sometimes redoing work does get discouraging but I bet you are happy now that you redid it. I hope you get back to it fast, I enjoy reading this post.
  5. Speaking of getting back to it.

    Just in case anyone was wondering how to plan these panels, I use poster board and cut out pieces as mock up. Then I transfer it to sheet metal. It is much easier fine tuning a piece of poster board with scissors than a grinder with sheet metal. Not to mention the fact that if and when you have to redo a panel you already have a panel made.



    floorpan and seat pan

  6. I use poster board to mock up all small parts first too. I am confused by the one in the bottom picture with all the lines on it though. Are you going to bead roll all those lines? Looks like a ton of work to roll that out.
  7. Yep I am planning on rolling all those lines. It really is not that bad once you get goin and since I beefed up my roller rolling them is really not bad at all. The seat pan I did took about 30 min so I am thinkin this floor pan will take about an hour.
  8. Ok, BlackGMC and 351w_swap, you got me thinking with the issue of running the exhaust out the back with your crossmembers in the way. I came up with an idea I'm going to use. Here's a picture of a quick layout I did in AutoCad. The center triangular opening is large enough for the driveshaft & 2 exhaust pipes. The small oval openings will be for fuel/brake lines and battery cables. I'll weld it up out of 11 ga. sheet metal.

    click the thumbnail, there is an image there.

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  9. The crossmember was never the problem, at least not for me. My suspension will hit it if I run it out the back. Not to mention the relative ease of running it out the sides when compared to running it past the crossmember.
  10. You solution looks good, but I took the simple approach and cut out reliefs in the crossmember. I still have to clean up the cuts and box it back in but, I think it is going to work. Funny, lookin at the pic I see about 3-4 freakin sharpies layin around... No wonder I keep loosing those things..

  11. I definately want my exhaust out the back and since the back seat will no longer be there this looked like I good idea to me. The new tunnel will end at the crossmember coming from the firewall. The space between it and the right rear wheelwell looks like a good place for the battery and amps. The bad part is I probably won't get the steel till fall because of other upcoming expenses. I have to pay the IRS also.

    Nice sharpie collection you have there BlackGMC! :D
  12. Well I had some free time so I decided to go ahead and make the rear floor board. It turned out pretty good, except the sheet distorted quite a bit while I was rolling all those damn beads. But I was able to get it straighten out. Oh and that piece of angle iron screwed to the sheet is just temporay until I can weld the floor in. Oh and I made another piece to connect the seat pan to the tunnel.

    Oh and you gotta love all that flash rust!! It is easy to take off, but man it looks bad in this pic.


  13. Looking Great, very impressed with your work. When school is out I need to take the lead of ouf my pants and get cracking you'll have yours done before mine...
  14. I finally started welding today. I got tired of looking at all those screws. The rear panel is almost complete, I still need to fab up a mount/plate for the roll bar to sit on.

  15. Finished up the main hoop mounting point today. What a PIA, turned out good thou IMO..


  16. Very Impressive, Should make a great Main hoop mounting point.
  17. is that roll bar for the mustang or no and is it just the loop or does it have the down tubes with it I want one like that for mine.
  18. Yea the roll bar is for a mustang and currently it is just the main hoop. I will add the down tubes to it once I start working on the mini tubs. If you just want the main hoop you can buy just the main hoop. I bought a Comp Engineering main hoop threw Orielly's auto parts. I think it was only like ~50-60 bucks, if you buy it threw Orielly's there is no shipping and/or freight charges.
  19. I finally finished with yard work and some landscaping so I was able to get another panel rolled and fitted into place last night. Even thou I screwed a piece of sheet for the seat pan, I had the flanging dies tightened down to far and basically sheered a piece of sheet..... This weekend I plan to start cleaning up some of the surface rust, which is starting to piss me off....

  20. A little more progress today, I ran out of gas so I had to stop....

    The drivers side is almost done.