My 1970 Mustang project - Frame/Floorpan/Subframes.

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  1. Nice, there sure are a ton of beads though. On a side note, I made some of my first panels but now I am finishing my metal brake, it is almost done! I did the firewall (still needs beads) and the panels to the side of the firewall, it has really got me motivated. It looks like you have all the motivation needed.
  2. Thanks!!! the beads are not that bad once you get going they don't take that long. I am getting motivated again, but for the firewall I am thinking of using 16 gauge wo/ beads to keep it smooth, instead of 18 w/ beads on my firewalll. So where are the pics, haven't seen progresss pics of your project in awhile?
  3. I have had to work on my boat almost every night to get it ready for summer and I have been working 10 hour days to pay off my daily driver (04 Grand Prix) which I am happy to report will happen today. My buddy is coming over today to work on his truck and the mustang so tomorrow I will post pics (hopefully more than beer drinking takes place). Have you had as much trouble with the panels warping when the beads are rolled as me? I can't get the things to lay flat no matter how much I pound on them. I think I am going to screw it in first, but only every other hole so I can spot weld it in and then pull the screws to spot weld it some more, hopefully I can screw it in flat.
  4. I forgot to add, are there any safety reasons for me to use 18 instead of 20 gauge sheet for the firewall. I bent it out of 20 gauge but I will be rolling beads in it as soon as I fab up the pans. 20 gauge is so close to 18, I don't think it will make a difference, especially after I insulate it very well.
  5. Sometimes my panels turn out flat but sometimes they are a little wavy. I usually just screw on some angle iron on the back fo the panel to make it flat then weld in the sides and then remove the angle iron.

    As far as 20 vs 18, I think you would be fine as long as you install some extra bracing behind the firewall. Because the firewall is actually a structural componet. At least that is what I was told when I asked that same question on Pro-Touring .com
  6. So its been a couple of months since the last updates, any new progress pics?

    I like seeing these threads, makes an avg schmoe like me get motivated to go out and get going on my rust bucket.

  7. No progress, I injured my eye about 2 months ago (metal from the cutt-off wheel) and that took about a month to heal, it is all better now. Then I went on vacation and now it is just too hot in my garage to be welding so I am taking a break until ~Sept. So in the mean time I am doin alot of planning.
  8. Hey Ive been following your thread, fantastic work. Just wondering if there are any updates yet, Iam starting my own 69 mach 1 project and your thread is full of good ideas.
  9. yeah how is the eye?
  10. I was wondering about updates also as I started the fabrication on my 69.
  11. Howdy!! the eye is just fine now, thank goodness, my GF finally un-grounded me from the garage, but I decided to get my MBA so the car is on hold for a little longer......
  12. very stupid question...what exactly do you do all the beads in the floor plans.
  13. You have that MBA yet? Get to work, I want to see this thing finished!
  14. +1 bout damn time!
  15. I hate to resurrect something from the dead but anything going on with this? I just started restoing my Dad's 69 coupe and probably going to do similar things with it.