Fox My 1990 Mustang 5.0 Lx, Notch.

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  1. Been browsing around for an idea of what route I'd like to go for the engine build. Been eyeing a 351w block posted on craigslist here. Besides the fact that it is practically drop in and go, it seems that it may be the better route to go. You can never go wrong with extra displacement.

    A buddy of mine is pushing me to go to with a 460 BB, but I dont think I want to street a big block like that on a daily basis. I'm starting to narrow down the route I'd like to go before fully diving into this build. Either way I am pretty sure I will be happy with whatever I finally decide to go with lol.
  2. Can't go wrong with a 351 build. Preferably a stroker. Tons of torque in a streetable everyday setup. That easily can make your initial 400-500rwhp goal. If you want to drive it alot on the street I highly recommend not going BB. Very front heavy. Makes handling a PITA.
  3. There is no reason why a properly equipped small block can not make more than enough power to put a grin on your face. See how easy that was, problem solved ;)
  4. Lol, I just need to source out a core 351w now. I really want to get a roller block from a 94-newer truck, but if it is easier for me to get a tappet and just convert it over to a roller then so be it. I dont even need a complete block I just want to get a bare block for under $300 lol.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if your "grinding" issue when off the throttle is your INGNITION SWITCH. These go out on these cars in notorious fashion. I first came across the problem in my 89' Notch with an AOD, my current 91' with an auto as well also had it go out. look at your switch, you should be able to see separation between the plastic and metal portion of the switch if it is going bad. This can cause the poor electrical connection that is causing your car to stumble.
  6. Does your car have underdrive pulleys? I had those on my '93 and when the rpm's would come down to idle my lights would dim etc. I finally just put stock pulleys back on as the charging hassle wasn't worth it for me.

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  7. IMHO the car is beyond repair... I would try to find someone to pawn it off on before you walk off the financial cliff. Heck, I will even come pull it out of your driveway and haul it off! PM me for directions to your place...

    That is a BEAUTIFUL notch!!!
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  8. Stock pulley's chris!

    Lol Jeff you can come get it if you want, if you want to do that drive.

    Going to pull the valve body off for a good cleaning and install the B&M Shift kit sometime this week. Havent been driving it much.

    Also having a hard time sourcing a 351. This city is very Mustang savy (near a Military Base), so I have a feeling finding one may be alot more difficult than I originally figured. The question is, should I just stroke out the 302 or continue waiting for the right 351 to fall in front of me?
  9. wife grew up in Gastonia...I could probably find my way to Fayetteville!
  10. That's about 3 hours away, not bad lol.
  11. Wait for a 351 IMO costs just a little more for stock block build than a 302. Way more power potential and durability at those higher power levels (no worrying about split blocks etc) don't just look for an EFI 351 block. You can put link-bar lifters in an older block
  12. I am actually looking for a non-EFI setup if I go the 351 route. It will be alot less aggrivating having a carb then wiring up the computer. I'm not too savy on wiring.
  13. As far as wiring goes there isn't any difference. Other than getting a proper MAS for bigger injectors etc. no different wiring is needed unless you are stepping up the power considerably. Then you could use a stand alone computer. MegaSquirt even has a plug and play system. You'll probably need a new hood also for clearance depending on which intake system you use. Most carb conversions are hack jobs
  14. Does any body know anyone who has a bare 351w with main caps laying around they are trying to get rid of?
  15. Great looking Notch! i'm always happy to see when someone gets one and takes care of it.
  16. Found out I had a headgasket leak, decided to replace all the other upper seals/gaskets while I was at it. Only picture I have from last weekends work.

  17. Howdy fellow '90 mustang, nice pick up on the notch :flag:
  18. Might've found a 351w for a great deal. Out of a 95 E150 so it's definitely a roller.
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  19. Good find!