Fox My 1990 Mustang 5.0 Lx, Notch.

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  1. Recieved a phone call from my buddy yesterday. He got ahold of someone that has a Roller 351 out of a F250 that is practically brand new, for about the same price of the one I found. More than likely going ot pick it up this weekend.
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  2. Now all it takes is time and $$! I do recommend keeping it EFI. IMO it will run better and looks bada**! Have you decided if you're switching to a manual yet?
  3. I may just stick with the AOD and rebuild it. I am not really sure which way I want to go with the fuel system. I REALLY want to go to carb as it is cheaper and alot easier to tune. But the driveability of having it still fuel injected would be nice. I know there are EFI setups now that are self tuining, but you pay quite a bit upfront for it. The main goal is to get the bottom end stroked out to 408, get a set of aluminum heads and get a custom ground cam to match the heads and block. That is all the is planned right now for the motor, of course suspension upgrades will be made somewhere in there as well, mainly as in going tubular.
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  4. got the car back buttoned up, runs like a champ. going to get started on installing the shift kit and changing out the trans filter and it will be back on the road.

    Also found a local 351w out of a 1991 Ford F350 Rail Truck, its not a roller but I think I'll just do a conversion. It is pretty gummed up with old/cheap oil but I will be picking it up once someone comes and grabs this damn Honda K20 out of my garage.
  5. Been a bit since I've updated anyone. Went to install the B&M Shift kit last weekend and found out I had a broken 1-2 Accumulator spring and was also missing a check ball in the valve body. Spent quite a bit of time trying to source out replacement parts so that I didnt have to get a whole new valve body. Got the check balls in earlier this week and should have the spring today or tomorrow.

    Going to scrap the idea of the local 351 non-roller to go out to a pick and pull and try to source out a roller block for $120. Also been eyeballing a 2004 Cobra.....but I dont think I will jump ships yet lol.
  6. What happened with this idea?
  7. it ended up not being a roller. and it had about 200,000 miles of unchanged oil build up in it.