My 1994 GT Mustang Aode to T5 Conversion w/PICS!

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  1. Yeah, that happened to me when I replaced the tranny in my '86 the first time around. Guy told me it was a good "no grinders!" tranny out of his "bone stock 5.0". Turned out that it was a 4-cyl T-5 which ground in third and fourth. I ended up saving up my pennies and buying a WC T-5 after that. At least now I know more about them, so I probably wouldn't repeat that mistake. Probably...

    Congrats on getting it back on the road! Video?
  2. No video yet, not sure I want to do one with it grinding. It's embarrasing, people think I don't know how to drive a stick or something with it grinding all the time!
  3. mine grinded too when i put it in, turned out to be a clutch adjustment. grinds alil when its cold out in second. i would check the clutch adjustment before taking the tranny out.
  4. I can feel from the pedal that it is right on the money, and 1st, 3rd and 5th work perfectly, so if the clutch was out of adjustment, then all gears would have the same problem, wouldn't you agree? Nah, it's definately synchro's gone south.

    I have a perfectly good 5.0 T5 sitting in my shed, I just like the really low gears of the 4 cyl T5's! And if I use the V8 trans, I'll have to change the pilot bearing which will necessitate pulling everything back off again.
  5. Yeah, IIRC, the 4-cyl T-5 has a 3.97:1 1st as opposed to the V8's 3.25 (?). I don't remember the exact number. However, I do believe that the 4-cyl internals aren't as strong as the V8 tranny internals. I can't remember where I read about that, but I'm pretty certain that's the case. My '86 has 3.55s along with the 4cyl tranny, and it would pull about 3k rpms between 65 and 70mph.
  6. Damn nice writeup!!!!

    Actually, the "internals" are exactly the same, except for the gear ratios. Since the 4 bangers have 1st gear ratios that multiply by either 3.97/1 or 4.10/1, the torque INPUT that the trans can handle is lower. V8 trannies have either 2.95/1 or 3.35/1, so they don't have as much leverage to break internal parts of the trans.

    Say you have a smallblock that produces 300# of torque. When you multiply that by 2.95, you are putting 885 # of torque through that gear set.

    If you multiply the same 300# by 4.10, you are putting 1230# of torque through that gear set.

    If the "max torque" that the gear material could safely handle was say 900#, then the max torque you could put into the gearset is about 215#. Which would be about the same torque through the material as the 2.95 gear and 300#.

    Too "wordy"?
  7. Yeah man, makes alot of sense! My car is still pretty much stock right now so I figured the 4 banger trans would be sufficient and would add a little to the SOTP feeling! And it does, just has bad synchros. I may just replace them if it's as easy as that, but if I have to press gears off and such, I'll be more likely to just install the V8 t5 I have. I just don't want to go all the way back to the motor to get the pilot bearing changed!

    I was hoping this trans would hold till I put my Exploder motor in.
  8. Slightly verbose, yes, however, makes tons of sense. Thanks for clearing that up! :nice:
  9. Well, it turns out the other T5 I have is not a V8 one at all, but a SVO TC 4cyl transmission. I went ahead and installed it and the car drives like a dream now, nice and smooth. No more grinding gears!

    Mission accomplished!
  10. Sweet! Video? ;)
  11. I've seen a few people having issues with the mounting situation and I noticed I didn't do any pics of the mounting plate mods, so I made a little diagram of what to do to the AODE hanger plate:

  12. Nice thread man. Wish I would have found this yesterday! Where was u ? lol

    Seriously though props to this thread, it should be a sticky
  13. Damn good pics and write up.
  14. Thanks, I appreciate that!
  15. video?
    nice job btw
  16. I thought about the video thing but then I wondered, what exactly would the video be of? lol
  17. A little correction for you. The T4MO computer pulls timing between shifts the U4P0 does not. You are correct about being able to correct it with a tuner and shut the auto tranny functions off. The pulling of the timing is actually called " tip in retard." How did your swap go?
  18. The swap has been done for about a year now, this is an old thread! lol

    And I'm not sure if it's "timing" that the U4PO or W4HO ecm is pulling, but if you try to use one with a 5 speed car it will have a huge hickup/backfire as you are accelerating. I've been there, done that. When the auto computers think it's time to shift they either pull timing or fuel between shifts. I know it backfires when it does it, but I can't remember if it's through the intake or exhaust.
  19. So im gonna be doing this, but Im not converting from an auto to man. So I wont have to take all this out, right? I I have an aluminum quadrant, it looks to me like maybe I could just take the pins out of the side and take plastic off and put alum on? I know its not gonna be that easy
  20. Correct, you won't have to remove the pedal assy. I did because I was converting and couldn't use the auto pedal assy.