My 1995 mustang cobra SVT

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  1. Here are a few pictures of my mustang. There are pictures of the door panels and center console as well. The interior painting was done by BossPaint

  2. Looks great... Just wondering, why the stock cobra wheels?
  3. looks nice... blue interior is a little different
  4. You guys are way nicer than SVTP lol.......

    I saw the GT bumper and had to look more closely to verify that it was indeed a Cobra..

    I was really hoping it wasn't, because it's an atrocity...

    If I wanted to buy a car and make it as hideous as I could, I would call you
  5. /\/\/\/\/\

    blunt but true
  6. Not feeling the interior, but to each his own... :shrug:
  7. seems like an add to me.:shrug:
  8. i agree with Adam.looks like an ad to me.
    interior is too shiny for my taste.
  9. I like the exterior, but the interior is a bit busy looking. If you had done things like the door cups, radio bezel, and vents with the blue it would look a lot more tasteful, IMO. It's your car though, and I hope you enjoy it! That's what this hobby is all about; customizing our cars to our personal preferences. :nice:
  10. Looks like an ad to me as well. I'd hope a real new member posting in this section would receive a much warmer welcome despite their unconventional tastes.
  11. Why does your "cobra" have a GT bumper anyway :shrug:

  12. x2.
  13. im guessing front end damage. dosent have a pass side airbag either
  14. thanks for ruining a cobra...:notnice:
  15. i like the exterior flames for the most part, but it needs a new front bumper and different wheels to really make the flames stand out against the rest of the car. the interior is a bit loud but again to each his own. i think if you continued the blue where the factory two tones go it would look better. it just stops at the center console and throws your eye off.

    it reminds me of the old fox blue interiors which weren't bad. i think we can sometimes be harsh to deviations from the norm around here.
  16. If I said it looked horrible that would be a complement here...
  17. There's a lot changed on this car, makes me wonder if it really IS a Cobra. The e-brake handle looks like the V6/GT one (Cobra has a nice leather handle). The cluster does appear to be a Cobra one (speedometer goes to 160), but you can swap in a Cobra cluster or get white gauge inserts.

    I'd want to see a shot of the engine bay before I presume he's got a Cobra.

    Oh, IMO the color scheme is :puke:
  18. The shifter bezel isn't out of a 954/95 either. What's up with the seats? Did you have the leather redone in cloth? The only Cobra parts I see are the badges, the rims and the wing.

  19. Baby jesus is killing a bunny because of the interior.
  20. That interior doesn't bother me any. To each his own.