My 1995 mustang cobra SVT

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  1. I wouldn't have gone with the glossy blue, maybe a white or black if I had to. Not sure about the cobra, When I got my gt it had cobra bumpers and emblems on it, but it's a gt. Since you haven't replied to this thread, I would presume it's an ad for the painting. As others said, post some pictures of the engine bay so we can see that. Not too sure about the flames either. From the picture quality can't tell if it's vinyl or painted.
  2. The seats looks like either aftermarket or came from a 99+ Cobra. I have seen that style seat before in a Mustang, but I'm not sure where.
  3. that looks like the leather cobra ebrake handle to me, my GT doesnt have stitching on it. also, nobody said anything about the cobra headlights. Im still not convinced it is a real cobra, even though this car does have quite a bit of cobra stuff on it (i know, easy bolt-ons) I'm just sayin'.
  4. I just like the stock cobra rims i was thinking about getting them anodized black so they don't stand out so much or just putting some black rims on but again i like the stock rims.
  5. The Cobra has a gt bumper because it was in an accident before i bought it. The front passenger side was hit buy a vehicle and most of the replacement parts were taken off of a gt.
  6. I just posted some pics of the engine bay so you can tell its really a Cobra. I was hoping the blue paint would turn out darker then it did but has grown on me.
  7. I love the interior. I had to paint it or buy all new parts because the guy i bought it from had rattle caned a lot of the interior very poorly and left the top down for about 6 months out in the weather after crashing it.
  8. more proof that it's a genuine cobra, it's got the sticker on the master cylinder that clearly says "cobra".
  9. It looks like a kids model car gone wrong.... Sorry. Tone down the blue by ALOT as in paint the doors black, console black, shifter bezel black, etc etc. Till it looks decent.
  10. The guy i bought the car from had crashed it and pulled parts off a gt to replace the broken parts.
  11. I think the outside looks purdy damn good IMO...cobra bumper out front would help a lot. As for the each his own. If you like it...then enjoy.