My 2.3 liter ulogy

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  1. my 90 2.3 was the most fun car i've ever had. She died 3 months after i got her, but it was great, I drove it all winter. I bought it for $400 running on 2 1/2 cylinders, and couldn't keep it over 50mph, but with a nice tune up and oil change, it was doing donughts all night long and cruising at 85 with no problem. It eventually threw a rod through the oil pan when i tried to keep up with a bmw up a hill, it didn't like hills. I have my other stang with a 340-360 hp motor and some donor parts from the 2.3. Unfortunately this car is no hunk of metal, so I have to be nice to it. But this winter I will be buying another 2.3 and giving it to my brother to make a show car at the end of the winter (he wants to do a crazy system, dvd, ps2, and whatever else). long live 2.3l
  2. You know that Pictures are going to be a must of that progress.
  3. I love going in the mud and snow with that damn thing... I'm gonna put a traclok on it so I don't keep getting stuck though. Oh and don't try to take on tree stumps
  4. how did you throw a rod did the piston smash? I broke a damn piston in mine, N/A pistons are junk, I drove it around until the BAM BAM BAM BAM noise pissed me off then I took it apart... I have it rebuilt and all spit shined but now I need a car to put it in I took the damn thing all apart :mad:
  5. ...I have one available...
  6. a 2.3 liter stang?