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  1. I would guess most people that read here also read turboford, but I'll give a small update anyway. This year, my goal is to run into the 11s.

    I'm putting the 2.3 back together, after cracking the block at the track last year. The poor engine ran a strong 12.36 at 111mph and was spitting white smoke out the exhaust after that. I drove her home expecting to change a head gasket, and found the a crack in the cylinder wall.

    Not wanting to spend a lot of money, I picked up a used short block to throw in and have some cheap fun with. My previous engine was an E8 block and bored .030 over, which certainly contributed to it's demise.

    Right now, I'm pretty much at the limit for my current combination. I saw diminishing returns in increasing the boost past 22psi (still running a T3). Because of that, I decided the cheapest power I could make was by increasing the compression ratio. I had the head milled for 10.1:1 compression. Personally, I think the E85 combo will love the higher compression. hehe

    I think the extra compression will give me about an extra 20hp, which should be enough to get an 11 second pass if I can run clean. However, I'm doing a bit of weight loss to insure I get that 11s time slip. The HVAC stuff behind the dash has all been yanked and I have an aluminum drive shaft waiting to go on. I will also be converting to a manual steering rack, which will save about 30lbs and free up the horsepower for turning the P/S pump, which I've heard is pretty substantial on the older P/S systems.

    So all in all, I should be making at least 20hp more and I've found nearly 100lbs to yank from the dash forward. If that's not a solid 11 second run, I dunno what to do.

    Here is the combustion chamber after having the head milled .115":
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  2. Nice :nice:

  3. I was able to do a little work on the 2.3 today. I got the old engine out and disassembled it for the parts. I have a few small projects to do while the engine is out, like removing the power steering and prep the new engine for transplant.

    The replacement is a stock turbo short block, which I'll throw my old head/manifolds on.

    Here is the old block after removal:

    And the old cracked block:
  4. very nice, I don't frequent turboford anymore.. just don't have much time it seems.. But I am going to start trying to better my mustang this year. I haven't done anything other then change the oil on my turbo for almost 4 years. I think I need to start playing with it again. I didn't realize that you had done so much to yours. Sounds like it was getting pretty quick before it blew... Nice... Looks like a c4 on there, sill going to run that or going to a manual?

    P.S. While i have your attention.. you wouldn't happen to have the part numbers for a decent On-rail FP gauge and adapter would you? I am about to put a Kirban on and I need a decent gauge to set Pressure.

  5. At one point, I had all the parts to do the manual conversion, but decided to stick with the C4. I know that a manual would bring trouble... I don't want to deal with finding a clutch that will actually hold or the drivetrain breakage that a manual seems to bring. The automatic is just cheaper for me, and it seems to work well. :)

    I guess I don't know a good brand to recommend for a fuel pressure gauge. I'd guess about any of them will work well. You can put the gauge on first to check the OEM FPR to see if it is accurate or not. :shrug:

  6. Good to see ya working on the old girl.... I have been trying to just keep mine running like Dr. E.. I still have a turbo motor just sitting around maybe one day I will get to it. I'm getting close to 200K miles on the old girl and she shows it, its in need of paint and some TLC. Good to see you guys on here again. Take care,
  7. The engine and transmission are back in the car again. I still need to connect everything and get it running though. I didn't remove the power steering yet, and I'm not going to install the aluminum drive shaft. Those will be future projects. I'm just trying to get the car ready to run on Wed.
  8. Thanks for the updates and pics! I like seeing that turboing the 2.3 is still on a lot of folks minds. I've always wanted to do this and can even afford to do so, I'm just hell bent on keeping the dual plug motor. Given that, I'm my own worst enemy because info on turboing a dual plug car seems to be too much for my brain to comprehend. I just haven't seen enough info on it to take the plunge myself.

    You're doing a great job bhuff, keep us updated!
  9. At 2:15 Wed, I got the 88 running again. A little after 6pm, I was making my first passes. The main change is more compression... I went from 8.2:1 to 10:1 compression, and the E85 is happy so far. I was also running less boost, but ran a little quicker(20psi now, vs 23psi before). I had a ton of fun out there.

    The first pass, I didn't put enough heat in the nittos and spun through ALL of first gear. That netted me a [email protected] with a not 'bad for spinning' 2.0 60'. Next pass, I put more heat in the tires and launched a bit softer, going [email protected] with a 1.8 60'. I was only running 18psi then. After that, I cranked it up to 20psi (still 3-4psi less than last year) and slapped down a set 12.2s at 109mph with 1.7 60' times. One race was against a sweet little small block coupe that was running deep 12s, so tried to nail the tree. I guess I scared him, because he went 13.5 against me. lol Last pass, I spun a little on launch and had to pedal it, giving a 2.0 60', resulting in a [email protected] Seems the bottle is empty... :(

    A few pictures:
    A video of my pass against that coupe:
    P1060851.flv video by bhuff66062 - Photobucket
  10. You sir are an inspiration to those of us who like to think "I could never accomplish that". Very nice job!:nice:
  11. what is your mods?

    Im wanting my car to run like that!