My 2.3L N/A Project

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  1. I sense a lil bit of sarcasm some where in there...People, junk yards, and patience. Unfortunetly with me I am a "Lets do it while I am at it" type person, so a 1,800 dollar (everything) project will turn into over 4K. But I am guessing before it is over with, I'll have more than enough power to wet my wistle.
  2. Oh man, now you are trying to tell ME how fast the average 2.3T is...give me a break :lol:

    You're the one that posts about Cavi statistics, states elsewhere that the 1/4 mile times posted in magazines just don't seem right for a 5.0 considering it's power and weight, etc. Like I said before, I'm not giving you a blueprint so I'm not TRYING to include every "varable" as you say it. :bang:

    You "think" wrong. I've already stated the three ways to go fast with a 2.3...turbo, nitrous, or a high revving, big cam, high compression, race gas running n/a...there are no secret "varables" that change physics.

    I think it's called domestic "skillz" and just so you know, the junkyard Holset turbos are as efficient than the "best of the best" the aftermarket has to offer in the GT series turbos...and they are 1/4 of the price.

    Here we go again...big talk and nothing to back it up...

    I've done things my way...low 11's with a 2.3 for less than 3500 TOTAL including the car, drivetrain, cage, wheels, tires, and every nut & bolt:

    Now lets see your magic 1800 dollar project that will cost 4 grand and your magic "varable" juice do something everyone else hasn't already done...

    Here we go again...big talk and nothing to back it up...

    I'll say it again: If you think you have the magic quotient, go do it and :Zip2:
  3. :lol: Sure, fine, what ever helps you sleep at night:nice:.
  4. Hm, no snappy retort?

    BTW "People, junkyards, and patience" won't get a volvo head onto a 2.3...
  5. I love how your saying that there are so many 2.3t cars every where. how many are in your town? in my town(make that towns, lake dallas, corrinth, and shady shores) there are 3 turbo cars. there is a guy in my naborhood that as an 85 svo that doesn't run. and the other 2 are the 2 turbocoupes that I own. that makes the only turbocoupes in my area mine. that's a pretty rare car in my book. most people are blown away when they see the motor. it has become a local ledgend around here. I hear people talking about how fast it is that have never seen it when I don't drive it to work people ask if the car is ok. you talk like these cars are every where. this is a website acsessed by people in multiple countries and not even all that post here have turbo cars. how does that make it what "everyone is doing"?
  6. Nope, why do I want to retort all day? I said what I had to say and I rly don't care if you all like it or not.

    Watch me...
  7. Alright, you better not be taking that head to a machine shop or anything, since that wasn't in your list of what you needed to install it.
  8. :stick: we're watching.........and waiting.......but seeing nothing done

    :worthlesa WITHOUT ACTION!

    until we see something impressive happen (which we probably wont) everything that you just said is prreeeetttyy pointless. less talk, more walk.
    if you are that confident about making sooo much power out of a n/a 2.3 then you should probably get to work or as stinger put it "go do it and :Zip2: "
  9. You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you? So why don't you zip it you hyper active dolt. :Zip2: All in do time.
  10. KH emaning no disrespect but Stinger is one of the most respected and knowledgable people on this forum because he has already done it, multiple times, and has a side business selling parts for it.

    I admire and repect your determination but you need to swallow your pride and listen to these guys a little bit.

    The Volvo DOHC head will physically bolt onto the 2.3L block but thats it. Nothing else matches and everything has to be fabricated from scratch. If your a machinist or know one who is willing to do lots of custom work and weld together prototype parts for you its not easy. I think only one or two runing 2.3Ls with the Volvo DOHC head exist and the owners said they would rather have their eyes gouged out with rusty spoons than go through the ordeal and headache of swapping the head again.

    The N/A problem is not your determination or your skill, its Fords craptacular port design on the 2.3L. With any year you choose production cast iron head your not going to get the horsepower levels past 200 BHP unless you spend probably in excess of $1500 in head porting. At that price you can get the Esslinger Aluminum head.

    The old timers used to throw a pair of Weber sidedraft carbs on a Canon intake to make good horsepower but I think that setup now is approaching $3000 in cost.

    The guys arent trying to be jerks, they are trying to save you months of headache and wasted cash because they have done it.

    Do yourself a favor and search past threads and posts for Bhuff30 and Crovax. They both spent lots of time and money trying to get the 2.3L N/A to run fast and it just isnt happening without baskets full of cash.

    I think a 150bhp 2800-2900lb N/A Mustang is a fun car to drive but no it wont win any stop light Grand Prix races.
  11. thought maybe you were a big enough person to let this thread die off. guess not.......

  12. I'm with you when you're right. Up to now it's been mock-ups and progress reports. Until I read a post titled "I'm changing my Volvo-headed 2.3's oil every 5000mi...Anyone else do the same?" I ain't buying it as the Swedish Holy Grail.

    Oh KH, before you start throwing stones, make sure your glass house is protected. The proper phrase is All in due time. Dolt indeed.
  13. Some of the custom work I can do myself, so that's not a problem, nether is cost. So volvo head FTW, plus if I see another turbo 2.3L I am going to scream.

    Gutting a rusted car with several dents and painting it in your backyard with a two tone paint job is a headache, I love engine work. And the power output will be worth it. So time isn't a problem ether.

    With the volvo head I will get more, and for the same price if not just a little more than a turbo.

    Then don't provoke smart one.
  14. I wanna see the receipts on a RUNNING $500 dollar Volvo head 2.3

    Just staple them to the Dyno sheet. I'll wait. ;)

    Yup, that's what it takes in these parts to drop a TC motor in a 'Stang with all the trimmin's. Wanna compare paper?
  15. Quote] You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you? So why don't you zip it you hyper active dolt. All in do time. [Quote

    name calling is the mature thing to do now, is it? i would call you a smart @ss, however you dont quite qualify for the word "smart". BTW, were still waiting for you to "blow our minds!". you obviously arent that smart, arguing with people that KNOW what theyre talking about and have done it. personally i would stop arguing like a v-tak ricer, and listen to the more experienced people.
  16. I would close this thread, but I'm rather enjoying watching KH talk out of his ass like he has a clue...
  17. A trurbo kit alone is 750, and even if I go over 500, and lets also not forget transmission which is about 500 and a bunch of other things to consider, even if i go over 500 the volvo head will give me limitless potential.

    ZOMG the mature card! I never saw that one coming, please half the people in this forum are immature no-it-alls. We are all just a group of immature dudes, so what is your point?

    OH!!! I just got burned!:hail2: BTW it is "I" not "i"

    LOL So you expect me to whip up a DOHC engine with in a couple of minutes? Get real and stop acting like a idiot, even though it's hard. The DOHC engine will be done when it gets done.
  18. It is rather laughable to have someone who says "no-it-all" pointing out someone ELSE'S lack of capitalization. :rlaugh: