My 2.3L N/A Project

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  1. Well I did leave out I am not the only one building the engine, I will have help from a person who has far more experience than me plus mechanics and people who HAVE done the volvo head conversion. It also won't be a strict N/A because I will turbo the volvo head conversion later. Secondly this isn't just building an engine and slapping it in a car, the car itself I have sanded and painted and so on, and of course I have had help with it to. The only proof you will need is when I am finished with the engine I will show it which should be about 2 years from now, step by step. It rly is mix and mix. Some people had rly no experience with the engine and just worked with the mechanics. Some have built several cars before their volvo head project. DUDE I did mention CFM, I said it flowed a little less than the esslinger (about 10 to 20) and that is with the volvo head's miniscule port size compared to the esslinger.
  2. Have fun with that, I'll look forward to seeing some results. Maybe if you mentioned that you would have help from people who previously had done the volvo conversion, people would take you more seriously. Got any success stories from 'said' friends who will be helping you? I know the whole world (or at least the 2.3 stangnet and turboford world) would die to hear anything about results of a volvo head on a 2.3... like dyno numbers, combos, quarter mile times, ect.

    You make it too easy to call :bs: though. In your previous post, you mentioned someone in atlanta did it... some people in 'Swedan' (where ever the hell that is) did it, and some shops somewhere, but no mention of anyone who would actaully asist you in your efforts. If I had any inside information about that, I'd sure as hell be saying, yeah, I've got some experts to help me out. Seems like mentioning that earlier would have been prudent though.

    And yeah, you mentioned CFM, but..
    It was only peak flow, which means little when the valves spend the majority of their time at mid lift values, and you can't compare flow bench numbers with any degree of certainty unless it was done on the same bench, and in the EXACT same conditions. Sorry, but you are digging your hole deeper and deeper. The best thing you can do, is get to work.


  3. I am happy to see that you look forward to seeing some results. FYI I live in GA and atlanta is like 30 to 45 minutes away, other has posted the work, or have an email address. I didn't think it mattered and you would give me the benefit of the doubt. I am not digging my hole deeper.
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