My 2.3t build, could use some help please.

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  1. I heard this is a very helpful site, so here it goes ;D

    okay.. so i have been rebuilding my 2.3t for my 93 mustang (notch) It is nearly finished just waiting on my pistons to get here. Here is what i have

    -Fresh block bored .20 over (3.800)
    -New crank
    -New main bearings
    -New rod bearings
    -Stock 5.5 forged rods
    -New forged speed pro pistons 3.800/96.5 mm
    -Mildly ported and polished stock iron, bigger stainless steele valves
    -Knife edged lower intake
    -Gutted upper intake
    -Stock 5.0 throttle body
    -Front mount intercooler with 2.5" piping
    -XSpwer turbo header ( factory turbo mount)
    -Stock garret Airesearch t3 turbo (running 18-20 psi)
    -3 inch exhaust from turbo back (dumped before rearend)
    -35# injectors with factory 190 fuel pump.
    -Stage 1 racer walsh cam.
    -Centerforce dual friction clutch
    -Aluminum flywheel
    -Upr short throw shifter
    -8.8 rearend with 273's ( looking for 355's or 373's)
    -Run 92 octane
    -A/c delete
    -#1035 Fel-Pro head gasket, pre flattened copper wire ring
    -Head studs
    -I am using the la2 ECU
    - Using large VAM

    Thats it for now, just a couple questions, what should i expect for power wise? Am i gonna need to get it tuned what should i set my timing to, Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks for looking at my post.
  2. Impressive set of mods there.

    I can't say for sure but I'd probably guess around 275-300HP a tune will really do wonders.
  3. Wow, did you steal all the parts out of my garage? That's really close to my 2.3T build. My ported E6 & IHI to your header & T3. Ranger roller to your stage 1 cam. I was shooting for ~275hp, looks like I might get it.

    Might want to check some of the 2.3T sites, I've heard bad things about the back ordered pistons... like indefinate back order/possibly out of production for good.
  4. Na they are deffinitely on there way, haha i call every few days and check up on them. But i just found out the stock turbo that i bought doesnt seem like its going to work, the fin will not spin at all. so now im gonnna need a turbo, im looking to run a Holset hx35 turbo, but im just looking for a factory replacement for now to break in the engine. Am i gonna need to buy a eec or j3 to tune my engine?
  5. From what I've seen the LA2/35# injectors should be good to about 300HP, I think the fuel pressure was dialed way up though. IMHO a tuner of some kind might be a good idea after break in.

    I'm planing to run Megasquirt on my n/a 2.3 to learn it & see if I can find anymore power, then break the turbo engine in with an LA2 and finally put the Megasquirt on the 2.3T.
  6. You will pretty much be limited by the stock injectors unless you go to a standalone and throw in bigger injectors.

    I've guesstimated my car at around 260-270 hp, when I still had my 57 trim hybrid on there and was running around 15 psi. I went to a heads-up drag race and was keeping up with mid-13 second cars, so I think I was doing alright.

    I'm working on a center mount header setup right now with an external wg and Schwitzer S200 turbo...hoping it will work alright, since it's been almost 6 months in the making already :doh:
  7. appreciate the responses i just orderd a fuel pressure gauge and adjustable fuel pressure regulator. What should i set it to if i am running 18 to 20 psi?
  8. I'm amazed at what you guys do with these 2.3s'.:nice:

    The only thing I can add is to address the gearing.
    Many Explorers came with 3.55s' in the 8.8 diff, and
    if you can find one with a tow package it just might
    have a 4.10 installed. Late model Rangers w/towing
    also have the 4.10, but I think they have fewer
  9. I saw this on TF too, but didn't reply there.

    The biggest limit will be on your tune and how well you can make the Lb2 tune work for you. With stock fuel pressure and no other changes to the computer, it will be way lean and you'll be lucky to make 250rwhp. If you tweek things well and keep the AF safe through VAM adjustments and more fuel pressure/bigger injectors, you could push to about 300rwhp. Honestly, just depends on how well you can make that tune work for you, and that takes some experience and playing around.

    I have a fairly similar combination, but run E85 and corespondingly bigger injectors. You know... home ported head and intake, early bob's log, stock T3 and put down 266rwhp on a mustang dyno. Using that setup, I ran 12.9 at 106 through a C4 tranny and 7.5" open 3.73 rear end and nittos. A 35 shot of nitrous woke her up to a tad over 300rwhp and 12.2 @ 111 in the quarter. But keep in mind this was a mustang dyno which tends to read lower than a dynojet.

    It really will depend on your ability to dial it in though. You'll have to play with fuel pressure for sure. Of course, more fuel pressure makes the engine richer everyway, so I tightened the VAM spring to compensate. Another popular way to trick the computer is a blow through VAM. But of course the best way is to reprogram the computer, with a tweecer, J3, whatever you choose. Many have had good luck going to a MAF.
  10. You can go far with a 2.3 turbo. Hell I've got a N/A carbed one and I'm shooting for 300hp and praying it'll still be streetable.
  11. what set up are you looking to run i really dont want to go turbo but if i have to i guess ill go turbo lmk very interested in your set up thanks
  12. I love the list of mods but I'm not loving the 190lph fuel pump. I think it's a weakpoint that's easily upgraded cheaply.
  13. What size exh housing are you gonna try to find on the HX35 9cm,12,14,16,18 ??
  14. Well, the factory fuel pump isn't 190 lph anyway...I think it's closer to 100.
  15. 88lph

    And for the OP for gas the minimum pump should be a 255HP.